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Hi there,
Have just purchased a new Alienware system (I know, I know - Rip off everyone shouts, but I love the build quality - and the case)
It's a Q6700, 4GB low latency DDR-2 800mhz ram, 8800 GTS 320mb (thought I'd aim lower and upgrade to G92 later), 160 GB WD Raptor, EVGA motherboard (not 100% which one, but could probably find out pretty quick if I need too), Vista 32-bit.
I thought I'd have a crack at overclocking the machine, and thought shifting from 2.66 to 3.0 was a very modest overclock, and well achievable with the non stock cooling in the machine (not sure what it is, but it sure is one large heatsink!). - Initially I was targeting 3.4 as a top range target, but would have been happy with 3.2 and the thought that I wasn't pushing things so hard (I heard quads run hotter than duals).
The multiplier is locked at 10, so I set the FSB to 320 and tried the machine. (I tweaked a couple of other settings, including shifting vcore to 1.35, but essentially I was just following the overclocking guide thats in the sticky above).
To cut the story short, the PC wouldn't boot with FSB at 320, or even at 300, which I thought was really conservative). It seemed to work fine at 280, but I was hoping for a lot more than such a small increase.
Does anyone have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong? or do I just have a chip that's pants at overclocking? - If you need any more info about the PC or bios settings, just shout.
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  1. Rip off!!...nah haha! not sure whats wrong but from what i know it sounds as though u either are experinceing too much heat or too little power...oh and u may be giving ur ram too much power...thats what i did...try leaving everything stock even voltage then bumb up ur FSB...when it dosent boot then raise vcore...hope this helpsss
  2. in overclocking what i learned is u only change one thing at a time and u always only change things by a small amount...ocing should take a resonable amount of time to do...not to mention to make sure ur comp is stable using orthossss...have fun hope this helps tooo
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