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My power supply recently blew up/failed so I bought a new 600W Nexus NX-8060 power supply since it is supposed to be quiet. I've had it in for over a week and put on a hardware monitor just to check a new processor fan was working efficiently (that was fine) and it showed me that my voltage on the 12+V in the power supply was not in the monitors normal range.
The hardware monitor program is called Asus probe. The output of that voltage seems to be ranging from 13-13.37V. Today it seems to have stayed steady at 13.1V and the monitor isn't grumbling.
I am unsure whether to send it back or not as maybe it is faulty. I'm worried about my other components and my next upgrade which I plannned to use the power supply for. I need to know pretty soon because like I said I've had it in a while unaware of the issue with no problems that I can see visibly (but will it slowly trash my system?). There is no list of normal ranges with the power supply. I emailed Nexus but so far they are ignoring me.
Thanks in advance for any help,

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  1. My 12v-reading from ASUS Probe usually sits on 11.99v, if you're getting voltages that high, it may be just enough to do some damage... That's about 11% over standard, I'm not sure what kind of tolarance the parts would have. I would recommend not taking a chance, and set it back.

    Where did you order it from?
  2. Hi
    Thanks for quick reply. I've requested a return for it to be on the safe side. I ordered it from www.novatech.co.uk . They have always been ok so far with parts I ordered and most likely it is the manufacturers fault.
  3. Good idea. I didn't find Nexus on any tier in this list:

    but if it isn't too late, choose the replacement from Tier-3 or better.
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