Q6600 OC cooler

Hi everybody,

I'm building a setup of Q6600 G0 stepping, ABIT IP35-Pro Aand OCZ 4GB (2*2) 800MHZ CL5.

I can't decide which coller I want for this setup.

I've noticed that everyone say that the Thermalright ultra 102 extreme is the best but i also read that almost every one who buys it must lap it because it comes concaved (poor qc maybe).

I've also seen that the Thermaltake big typhoon is considered good but is huge and very heavy and seems very risky to the motherboard, and I also spotted the Zalman 9700, which looks great but many told me to stay away.

I want a good cooler which I can buy and assemle with thermal grease without any further craftwork and OC my CPU. Money is no consideration.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Tuniq Tower 120 - great cooling and quality.
  2. Reading the thread HERE , you can see that lapping is not very difficult, and will provide better contact. The extra cooling you will get out of the TR Ultra 120 Extreme will outweigh the extra effort required for preparation. It will also make you more proud of your accomplishments and your computer.
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