l7vmm3 ver3.0c System freezes in Bios and boot.

Ok here's a rough one for those who like challenges. I got this Elitegroup l7vmm3 MB with onboard AMD CPU and video, on Ebay. It won't load, and the guy won't go good for it so unless anyone has got any suggestions I'm out money. Heres what's going on.

The system boots, then at random it freezes. This has happened while in bios, while attempting to load into windows, sometimes while doing the MEM check.

Now your first thought maybe CPU overheat right? Well that's what I thought but when I have been able to keep it running long enough the CPU TEMP reads fine in the bios.

Then I thought RAM, but after trying three different "Compatable" RAM Chips the same thing kept happening.
I have reset the bios as well as pulled the CMOS battery.
I'm begining to think the MB itself is overheating but I am not sure how to check that. Does anyone know?

If anyone has anyother suggestions as to try I am all ears. PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT #@%*$!
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  1. Have you tried to re-mount the chipset heat sink with better TIM?
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