Up-to-date Wireless vs Wired Mouse (FPS Gaming)

For the last week I have been trying to find info about the difference in wired vs wireless mice in a FPS MMO environment. I can not find any article with in the last 2 years that has a true benchmark test comparing the two.

The reason I post this article is to see if anyone has any info or can post a article if they are able to find a current one. As wireless technology has changed a lot in mice just these last few months. :bounce:

With the new Steelseries World of Warcraft MMO Wireless/wired mouse and the Razor Nage Epic Gaming Mouse they are claiming very fast response times with less then 1 ms of lag. If wireless has truly come to this level, then I feel like there is no longer a favor to stick with wired.

The most common thing I read in comparing is "wired is better because if you forget to charge or replace your mouse batteries." Please EXCLUDE that in any posts, as when scientifically comparing two variables, you do not calculate "well what if I screw up. therefore the variable will change"

I am on the market for buying a new fps gaming mouse, I have been through quite a few as I actually play them into the ground. The new Steelseries wired/wireless mouse is looking great if it has 99% of the time, no response difference than a wired mouse.

Thoughts and experience greatly appreciated!
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  1. "If wireless has truly come to this level..." ?

    wireless was a completely valid option over 9 years ago. in fact the old rf wireless mice may have actually been superior to the bluetooth mice of today.

    in fact, i still have the wireless keyboard and mouse set i bought 9 years ago, the mx1000 kb&m set. the keyboard can last a few months on a few aa batteries and the mouse can be recharged every night. normally the battery lasted at least 6-8 hours. just place the mouse on the charger when you go to take a bathroom break or to get food and it lasts longer yet.

    i normally kept a usb mouse as a backup just in case which i rarely had to use.

    bluetooth mice are better on batteries. i can get at least six months of intermittant use out of my laptops wireless mini mouse.

    as far as "wireless lag" is concerned. i never experienced any 9 years ago with my first wireless mouse and i do not experience any with the wireless mini mouse i use off and on now. i do use a wired mouse on my main pc but not for the reason i think wireless is inadequate.

    there is only one name i trust for wireless products and that is logitech.

    remember, if you buy a wireless product you will have to recharge it or replace batteries. this is the price you pay for no cord. some products feature a usb cord you can plug in to charge the mouse so you can use it in usb mode if the mouse battery gets low which is convenient.


    just some thoughts from a nonconformist gamer.
  2. I am referring to the 2.4ghz and <1ms response time that a very select few wireless mice now have. Thank you for your input :)
  3. I'm not so sure an MMO really requires that great of response times. I've never felt at a disadvantage using wireless mice while gaming, in a matter of fact, I'd think not having to contend with the wire should give wireless the upper hand.

    I'm not sure at what levels of competition the response time of a wireless mouse is going to matter, but I'd have to imagine that it won't be a factor in wow, assuming the mouse isn't total crap.

    Dead batteries are a fact of life for the wireless gamer, and you can believe that it will hit at the worst of times. I'd suggest keeping double A's near your desk. Expect to change them at least once every 3 weeks to a month if you're using it often.

    I also wouldn't listen to the argument that batteries cost money, spending 8 bucks every few months on a 6 pack isn't going to break the bank, least I'd hope not. If that is the case why are you gaming? Get a job right.

    I've never owned a rechargeable mouse, the convenience of just swapping out dead batteries shouldn't be overlooked.

    If there were two things about modern computing that I just couldn't go back and live without, the first would be a wireless mouse, and the 2nd would be laser tracking (Track balls were a pain in the butt to maintain).
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