Help! What's wrong with my screen? Inverter board? Backlight? Cables?


I have a Compaq V2000 series laptop, 2 and half yrs old. Couple of weeks back, the screen went blank all of a sudden. It never happened before. I logged off, closed down the lid, came back after couple of hours, I could barely see anything on the screen. If look closely I could make out what's on the screen. It looked like the laptop worked fine, but something is wrong with the screen. I researched a little bit online, it looked like the inverter board or the backlight might have gone bad.

So I bought a used Compaq V2000 lcd screen with inverter board on eBay. I received it yesterday. I opened my lcd screen and switched the inverter board. The number on my inverter board was AS023172069, on the other board the number was AS023172C10. I am not sure if they have to be the same. Anyways I went ahead and switched the inverter board and powered on my laptop on. Viola. It worked. I assumed the two inverter boards are indeed compatible and nothing was wrong with the backlight. And I was working on my laptop for couple of hours, I logged out, came back after some time and opened my laptop, there it is again, I couldn't see anything. The screen went dark again. I opened the screen and swicthed the LCD screen that I bought off eBay, that did not help. I wiggled and adjusted all the cables to make sure everything was plugged in properly. That did not help either.

Can any one tell me what could be wrong? May be the inverter boards are not compatible? Or should these inverter boards be handled delicately? I might have handled it little roughly when trying to plug the cables in on both the ends. It was difficult to plug in the small cables. And I kind of crushed (lightly) the plastic covering. Any suggestions? Please help.

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