Drive a is not ready

when system is on a message appeaer with this content: The drive is not ready for use; its door may be open. Please check
> drive A how can i solve it? please help me
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  1. Out of curiosity do you have Norton Antivirus installed on your computer!!
    also do you have a Zip drive!!
    Please reply..
    PS:One of your programs is checking for a floppy
    drive; I'd guess antivirus.You may have an option to
    tell it not to do that.

    Try disabling the floppy controller in your Device Manager.

    If that doesn't work, see if you can disable it in the bios.

    If you need more info, please repost with the type of computer
    you have, what apps are running at shutdown, and what else
    you've tried
    Good luck..
  2. drive is not ready is appears on the desktop please how to remove this it is start begin after some time if it delete
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