Which is the best 320GB/250GB hard drive?

I wanna get a new hard drive but i noticed that although some hard drives have better specs than others, they are cheaper!!

For example :

has one of the best specs from the bellow hard drives and is the cheaper of them all.
Excluding the WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR SE16 320GB SATA/300 16MB which has the same price and a tiny bit worse specs.

MAXTOR DIAMONDMAX 21 320GB 7200RPM SATA/300 8MB (Most expensive, less specs?)
WESTERN DIGITAL RE 250GB SATA/300 16MB (Same price range, less space?)

I am confused :pt1cable:

So what do you think, which is the best and why?
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  1. You have to decide what you want and in what order.

    low cost? they're all pretty cheap, non-issue
    high performance? read some reviews
    low noise? read some reviews
    low power consumption? read the specs on the manufacturer's site
    long warranty? - Seagate has the best
    quality? Maxtor cranked out some crap just before they were bought by Seasnake
  2. BTW, typically you want to select the generation of drive that's the newest (has the highest data density). In a nutshell a 320G with 2 platters is almost always a newer gen drive than a 320G with 3 platters.
  3. I quess I firstly have to find out what's the thing with the platters you are talking about.
    The less the platters, the newer the hard drive, the better it is?

    If anybody knows any good, easy to read through, website with reviews, feel free to post it.
  4. Just look for the phrase perpendicular recording, on the 320gb drives they will be the lowest number of platters per drive.
    I have a couple of the Seagate 320gb drives, and have had no trouble with them.
    I think that all the drive makers have had bad drive series over the last few years.
    What old timer here can't recall the IBM pre Hitachi Deskstar click of death.
    I will echo the Maxtor warning, I have one Maxtor drive that has been sent back twice for replacement, once before they were bought by Seagate and once after.
    But with the five year warranty I just stay with Seagate.
  5. Thanks for the information, I found two based on what you said.

    SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.10 320GB 7200RPM SATA/300

    5 years guaranty and that perpendicular "thing"..

    This one sounds nice too, although it has only 3 years guaranty.

    1 platter and has that NCQ-Tech.. (Which I have no idea what is)

    Which would you people suggest?
  6. Another lost soul. :) Tomshardware has all the answers, man. Look at the hard drive charts and you will know what the best hard drive is. Hint: Western Digital AAKS series.

    Also, about a month ago, there was an article on building a high-end PC:

    As you can see AAKS series beats the famous Raptor 10000RPM.

    That's all you need to know about the hard drives out there on the market today. Also, you shouldn't consider anything less than a 500GB. They cost a little bit more, but you get much more space. In other words, 500GB hard drives tend to have the best price per GB ratio.

    I was in the same situation you are, needed a new hard drive, did some research on TOM's, and got a Western Digital 5000AAKS for $90. Amazing speed, been happy with it ever since.
  7. all depends on your storage needs have alot of media files get the 320gb
  8. nickr336 thanks for the info and especially the link! (I now think of migrating to Intel)
  9. Fewer platters generally means:

    1. Less noise
    2. Less power needed (very minor)
    3. Less heat

    By January 2008, Samsung should be selling the Spinpoint F series which uses platters with the highest density developed so far; 334GB per platter.
  10. Stay the hell away from maxtor, I dont care what anyone says or tells you. From my 286 till today those hard drives have always failed were slower then same spec IBM or WD drives that i have had and IMO are just plain garbage.

    Anyways i agree witht he guy who was talking about 500gigs ;) had to pick up two my self but then again im a media finatic i store tons of tv shows and movies in my computer i guess you really have to figure out if thats you or not.

    If your just looking for a new drive to just install stuff on just get one big enough im sure any one of them would be fast enough.
  11. enforcer22 said:
    Stay the hell away from maxtor, I dont care what anyone says or tells you.

    Yeah, out of 5 Maxtors I've had 4 of them failed in less than 4 years after installation.
  12. you got 4 years? lucky.
  13. enforcer22 said:
    you got 4 years? lucky.

    At best I got less than 4 years, at worst it was probably 2 years. Now that Seagate owns them, maybe they can improve Maxtor's line of HDDs.

    Then again I had one Seagate drive that died within 3 months about 3 years ago. It's replacement has been fine though.
  14. I have a 60gb maxtor in my machine thats at the start of its 6th year. It used to be paired with another one in raid 0 and served as my primary partition, but I replaced that setup with a raptor about 2.5 years later and just used it for extra storage, a purpose it still serves today.
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