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hey guys i have a striker extreme mobo and an E8650 CPU and im wondering what kinda voltage it owuld take to take the cpu to 3.4 ghz from the original 3 GHz...im trying to get a bearing on voltages...and also should i have EVERY spread spectrum option disabled?

and also..is 69 degrees C per core a bad load temp on core temp?

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  1. I don't think you would have to touch the voltage to accomplish that man. Do you have an after market cooler? You should if not get one. I have a zalman on my e4400 and it is running @ 3.25 with 1.51~v and the temp at idle is 39c full load 66c tops in games 55c I have no stability issues either. I have 4 sticks of kingston ddr2 667 running @ 815~. Everything is solid as a rock here. I have a GA-P35-DQ6 Mother board by the way. I took all my chipset heatsinks off which are big and applied good artic 5 gunk on them and lapped my Processor and my heatsink as well to.
  2. ahh im running about 1.3370 v to get 3.4 ghz...i dont quite know what the stock vcore for E6850 is but its stable and no i am using a stock cooler..im waiting for my Tuniq tower 120 to arrive in the mail...maybe tomorrow or next day
  3. You should probably take off the chipset heatsinks and apply gunk to them as well while you are at it. They Giabyte, had some cheap dried up stuff on mine and the chipset was 40c @ idle now it is like 36c Make sure you are carefull getting them off. You should bump up your voltage when it is needed not before then.
  4. Also I will add this tid bit for you to think about, the processor will throttle back @ 80c and shutdown @ 90c. I did alot of reading to come across that info and I can't even remember where I seen it. It might have been on here some where.
  5. how will lowering my chipset temp help me out with the voltage?
    and is chipset temp same as MB temp? becuase on pc probe it tells me mb temp is 31C idle

    and yeah i only added a little voltage when i need it...unfortunately i needed it pretty soon...i was getting errors on Prime 95 and even on startup so i added a little juice..just a tad...and now i ran p95 for 9 hours
  6. I personally dont think it is nessicary to run orthos that long I did mine for an hour and that was proof enough for me. Unless you actually have your pc running @ 100% utilization at all hours. Which if you do then you need more power then what you have if you ask me. The chipset temperature will add heat to your case as well so, if you lower it then, you have less heat in case in turn, less heat on everything and yes it is seen as the mb temp.
    I say if you are going to do something do it right ya know. Why not lower your chipset temperatures if all it takes is some better thermal gunk.
  7. ahh good point...the one thing i dont know it what my chipset HS looks like...il check it out...as far as voltage goes is it different for ever cpu?
  8. Yes it is from what I have read some people get lucky and can actually under volt there processor others have to take it up a few notches. I read that some site again don't remember where maybe here, they had to give my chip e4400 1.6v to get it to where I have it 3.25ghz, mine is happy with 1.51~v.
  9. I will also add be carefull when you take off your heatsinks that are on your chipset. I use a pair of pliers and just lighty squeez the plastic clip piece on the back being carfull to not touch the board and slowly push the clip out, you will see what I am talking about once you look at it. Then when you are done you can just push those plastic clips back down and everything will be like new again.
  10. ahhh well perhapse mine needs a bit more than stock to hit 3.4 GHZ
  11. Sorry double post here.
  12. ahh thanks man il take a look when my heatsink is here...thanks for all your help
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