HDD error?


I am trying to save a hp ze5700.

It POSTS and then says "no operating system found"

I know there are a few things that can make HDD's not start the OS, malware or a mech problem with the hdd itself.

I did try the HDD quick test in bios and it says fail, but i'm not sure how much it is actually testing the drive, and whether I should trust it for sure that the HDD is damaged and it isn't malicious programs that have wrecked it.

Bart PE - Bart Stuff Test lists:

Device Size Type R/O
physicaldrive0 37.3 GB HDD
b 32 mb fixed b/s

So Bart PE seems to see the drive, but other than this, i'm not familiar with Bart PE as I just started using it to try to help with this, this is my first time using it. But it seems if Bart PE lists the drive and knows its size, then it is able to talk to the drive at least, and that it wouldn't seem like it's a bad drive, but im not sure.

Is there anyone who would know whether if Bart PE is able to list the drive, that it would hint as to whether or not I should rule out a bad drive and it is a malware issue causing the OS to fail? Or how I could find the contents and files on the drive with bart?

This is my friends laptop and I'm being more careful than usual, and it also has important data that she would like to have saved.
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  1. Have you tried putting the drive into an external caddy and running as a slave on a desktop PC?
  2. I was thinking about doing this, is there anything different about laptop HDD's I should be careful about?

    I have done this before with regualr HDDs, but since this is hers, I haven't been quick to try to open up the case.
  3. I've not encountered any problems but I've only had to do this when it has been a hardware failure with the laptop graphics,power and a couple of keyboards. If the HDD is buggered then its not going to work full stop but this may be a cheap way of finding that out.

    HTH GL
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