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Hi folks,

I have had a look around in the FAQs available but cannot find what I am looking for so I hope I am not repeating the question. Apologies if I am.

The problem I have is an old one, inconsistent wireless connectivity around the house, but to make things interesting I cannot change the router itself and I cannot change its position.

To overcome this I have a cunning plan but lack the exact technology experience.

I have a Netgear DG834GT from my broadband service provider. The contract says I cannot change the router, in case you were going to ask.

The router is positioned in the only place it can be to be near the 3 desktops hardwired to it. The wireless connectivity is good but the house just breaks it.

What I need to is extend the connectivity to the lounge. I will have to run a cable down in to the lounge and have another wireless device there.

What I do not know is what type of device is required. I am guessing it needs to be a wireless switch or a router with a "client mode" that can connect to the main router over the cat5 cable.

Can anyone offer some advice please?

Many thanks in advance.


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  1. I'm guessing you're on Sky Broadband -- in which case you might want to also look at skyuser.co.uk where they will tell you how to change your router (albeit breaching your contract).

    However there's nothing inherently wrong with the DG834GT (though my own side by side with a DG834G suggests the latter has a slightly better wireless chip) .

    The following notes and diagrams may help you set up a second router as a wireless extender. May be simpler to use another Netgear router -- the Sky version turns up very cheap at car boot sales and e-bay.

  2. Hi fihart,

    Many thanks for that. It looks like I just need to run a very long cat5 with a plug on each end then. That makes life easy... kind of :O)

    It is indeed sky. I had the previous version of the router and had no wireless problems at all until I moved to sky and it all went pete tong.

    I am guessing I can just use another DG834 with the DHCP turned off. I may need to put another swich between them just to get some more ports.

    I might ring sky and tell them I am thinking of moving to another provider unless they give me another wireless router. I understand they use another one now. No idea if it is any better though.

    Many thanks once again.


  3. I wouldn't ask Sky for one of the two new models, neither have external aerials and while one is a Netgear other is made by Sagem.
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