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I recently purchased a Samsung SA350 monitor and on my Windows 7 64bit Professional OS the only option I have for color settings is 32bit True color. We run in a Citrix environment with limited video graphics memory allocated. We need to use 16bit True color for all monitors but this particular one doesn't give me the option. I can plug an LG monitor into the same port and get both 16 and 32bit color options. I plugged the same 2 monitors into a Tritton See2 Extreme USB graphics device and the LG give me both options but the Samsung only has the 32bit True Color option.,

Any thoughts on this issue and why I cannot get 16bit True Color as an option?
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  1. Are your video/graphics card AND monitor drivers up to date (and actually installed)?
  2. Hi ColGeek - they are installed and up to date. The LG monitor works great plugged into the exterior video port and gives us the correct options. the Samsung plugged into the same port does not. I even tried installing the drivers from Samsung but no luck.
  3. How are you connecting to the Samsung (DVI, HDMI, DP, etc)?
  4. Using a regular video cable (not DVI or HDMI).
  5. You mean the VGA (usually with blue connectors) connection (a.k.a., D-Dub)? What video card are you using?

    If you can connect via HDMI (with your video card), try that to see if you have additional options.
  6. The video card is a ATI Raedon HD6370. The driver that we are using is the curreont 8.743.2.5 driver from the HP web site. The video card software Catalyst is has an option to set the color for the adapter which we set to 16bit. However the monitor still only has the 32bit True color option. We may try a DVI cable to see if changing the cable type may help. The manual states that the monitor will support 16bit true color.
  7. Go to and download the latest generic driver for your version of Windows and install it. I suggest the Catalyst Suite (has pretty much everything you will need). See if that helps with your options.
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