recover files in DOS to a USB drive

Hi, I have a problem with a uncooperative hard drive.

I accidentally filled it up too much and then it did the "delayed write failed" thing with the M:\$Mft. After I rebooted it never came back.

I did manage to access it in safe mode and delete a few files off it hoping to fix the problem, but then it crashed again.

I have used Hirens boot CD and tried various methods to recover the data. Using Prosoft media tools I can see most of my data and potentially recover it.

Here's the problem. The drive in question is a 2.5" notebook drive and I have been using it in a usb case. I can't seem to get usb working for DOS so I have taken the system drive out of my laptop and put the faulty drive in. Then I can boot up with hirens and access the drive using Media tools. Problem is I have nowhere to recover the data to. I have other USB drives that I can recover to if I can get USB working in DOS.

Does anyone know how to get usb happening for DOS, I've tried with Hirens but can't seem to make it happen. I've tried with USB HDD and flash drives, both are detected during boot up and the boot screen says they're configured. But I can't get the drivers to work once I get to DOS.

Assuming someone can help me with this, should I use a FAT32 drive for this? or is NTFS ok, I've tried both with no success so far. I also tried a llittle thumb drive, but no luck.

Is there someway to get a network happening recover the files to another computer? I know that sounds way more complicated than using a USB drive but is it possible?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer me, thanks for reading.


Laptop - ASUS W5
HDD - Samsung 120GB 2.5"
Hirens boot cd 7.7
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  1. Why dont you use Ultimate Boot CD for windows if you are a windows person. This is windows boot disc on a CD. Use this to boot the machine and then connect your faulty disc to USB. That should work.

    If you are a linux person then use Knoppix to boot and access your USB drive.
  2. thanks atreyu, I'll give that a try and post back here.
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