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Hi all.

Could someone tell me what is the difference betwen 8800GTS 640mb made by these manufacturers? Is it much, little, or no difference at all?

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  1. Asus rule.....!
  2. Yeah, I know that, but what exactly is the difference? Is it much? or it really doesnt matter?
  3. To be fair I don't think it really matters to much -- would go for the cheapest. In FPS term +2/-2 either side --

    Depends on budget and which company you want to be a customer of.
  4. Would really love to be on Asus's side, but then I would have to wait untille the first weak of september, and I have allready been waiting for like 1 month. I can allso choose from Saphire and xfx. Do any of these ring a Good bell?

    So what do you reccomend?
  5. Recommendation:

    1) wait 2 more months to see what NVIDIA are doing ie new card
    2) GTX
    3) 640MB GTS
    4) 320MB GTS

    The extra +2/-2 FPS don't really matter.
  6. Agreed 100%. Also, if you can afford it look at the factory overclocked cards from eVGA or BFG. They are faster than what you can achieve by overclocking yourself, and they have better and quieter coolers.

    Between Asus and MSI, to be honest, I don't know... Maybe walk to another store that lets you choose between BFG and eVGA and XFX :)
    Don't really know about GTS cards but in comparative reviews of 8800 GTX flavors these three were usually on top.
  7. It is really the problem to walk to another store, because I'm living in Latvia, and they dont have many good stores that would sell some High-end stuff, and I really cant wait any longer for my pc, because I have to use it for work. So wich one should it be? The cheapest?
  8. 8800 GTS 320MB is the best price/performance wise, when considering highend gaming cards. Go for the cheapest, or take the Asus or Sapphire (also a good brand) if the price is equal.
  9. Yes, I think so. I don't know any real reason to prefer one or the other. Maybe see if one comes with bundled games or a better warranty.
  10. Saphire does not manufacture nvidia cards, i know that asus cards are more expensive then any other manufacturer so choose the msi.
  11. Unless of course you actually get lucky and find the Asus on sale. Good luck :)
  12. If you can choose XFX then it's no fair, because it's easy. XFX is better than all except eVGA and BFG, and even with those two, it's pretty much on par when it comes to warranty and customer service.
  13. I used to think Asus cards were the way to go. Then I bought a BFG. Haven't looked back.
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