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Ok...I posted this last time and noone could help, so please, its been like 6 months and i havent found anyting.

Ok I have a PC i made here (ive made at least 20) that I made for my girlfriend a year ago. I thought integrated graphics would be fine. Unfortuanatley I was wrong.

I get constant interference lines on the screen. It basically looks like you have a bad tv signal or your getting EMI.

I originally solved this by saying, OK ill put in a graphics card. The chipset on the board was nVidia so I bought an ATI X300SE. This worked fine for about 3 weeks. Everything went fine, now if I try to boot it up I get scrambled graphics. Interestingly enough if I use standard VGA drivers, it works, fine. Its only when I install the correct drivers that there is a problem.

I thought it might be the card crapped otu on me. Bought a replacement, but to no avail, same problem.

Its an antec aria case so it only had a 300watt PSU, but others have reported builds with even less power. Its a BIOSTAR TFORCE TF7025-M2 motherboard. And an athalon X2 3800+. 512mb ddr2 ram.

Any ideas?
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  1. My 2 cents, get rid of the Biostar mainboard. I have had 3 of them a few years back, and each one of them had their own particular bugs. Finally swore I'd never own another one.
  2. Someone suggested new RAM, could that really cause a problem?
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