P5N32-sli premium--multiplier question

Can any of you guys that have this board (asus p5n32sli-premium) tell me how to change the multiplier??

I have Q6600 (GO) and want to lower the multiplier. Have read that you can do this between the
stock 9x setting and go lower (6).

Can some please tell if this board allows this and were I can find it. I know that I have to go to the advance
menu and go the manual on oc setting

thanks for any help
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  1. I have the same board with an E6600 and from what I see in the BIOS is that you CANNOT change it. And plus I believe that the Q6600 has a locked multiplier anyway.
  2. From what I have been reading..The P5n32sli-premium does not fully support quad cores.
    The multiplier is locked from increasing above the standard 9x but should be able to be lowered.

    I cannot believe that this board does not support quads when some of the lower priced mobo do.
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