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Hello all,

These past 2 weeks have been torture for me. I pressed my power button 2 weeks ago and nothing turned on. I checked all the parts and tried to turn it on with a new power supply but nothing worked. So I knew it was the motherboard. Asus replaced it no questions asked.

I installed the motherboard yesterday only to find out that it still wont turn on. So I tried my spare power supply again and it turned on. So I am assuming something happened with my old power supply and it took my old mobo with it.

I ordered a new PSU and am wondering if there is a way to prevent something like this from happening again. Is there some sort of protector to prevent the O-so sensitive mobo? Now I've learned never to stick with the PSU that comes with the case.

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  1. Invest in a good surge protector?
  2. I do have one, a belkin. It was in there when it happened.
  3. try some different RAM if you have some lying around too..
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