Q6600, P5K-V, DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Help

Ok so i searched and read everything i could. Im a bit of a overclocking noob. I overclocked the Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.0 and it POST and gets to windows just fine. After reading 4-5 guides and a ton of forum i still cant get my pc to last 5 min on a stress test. It ussualy last maybe 3sec and crashes to a blue screen that says its dumping memmory.
I am however able to run 3dMark06 all the way though.

Also for some reason when i set my ram to 1066mhz in the bios SiSfoft Sandra still reads it as 800mhz. My mobo by default sets it to 800 but in the handbook it said the board also supports 1066 you just have to change it in the bios. Im also not sure how to make CPU-Z read my ram as 1:1 ratio.

I took SS's of everything i thought was needed for someone with more experience to figure out what is wrong. After reading through the other Q6600 threads on this board i still cant figure this stuff out.

I used this guys guide. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/240001-29-howto-overclock-quads-duals-guide

After that didnt work i got some help and fixed the ram to work better but the CPU still kept acting up.
[Later in the day]
Ok so i did alot more test. Heres the new values i set in my Bios.

My system was more stable after making those changes for sure. Instead of crashing after 2-3 sec of stress testing it last about 8 maybe. It made it through a 3dMark06 test again. Ussualy it crashes when it gets to the CPU test. I got much better scores than ussual on the CPU test with this overclocking so its working. I also got better scores on Company of Heroes performance test.

Problem is the stress test keeps failing. When it crashes its always the blue screen that comes up saying its dumping. Also in Vista the performance scoring software will crash when it tries to measure the CPU capabilities.

With all the exact same Bios settings i moved the FSB frequency to 266 (2.4ghz)again. Keeping the Ram settings but returning my CPU back to 2.4ghz. I rescored my ram using Vista's performance software and it jumped up a good deal sinse it used to be running at 800 but is now at 1066mhz. Also stress test work perfectly @2.4ghz... and all i did was change that FSB from 333 to 266. Maybe 1.35v for 3.0ghz isnt enough?

oh and i use OCCT for stress testing.
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  1. The first thing to do is download memtest86. and test the memory at the overclocked state.. If no errors at the overclock state, up the CPU voltage one step at a time and see if you can run OCCT, Prime95, or Ortho stable. You always want to find the Minimum voltage you can use at 333 FBS. Remember too much voltage will kill a CPU...

    What temps are you at full load?

  2. Maybe you should set you VCore voltage higher. Every time you increase you FSB you must also increse VCore cos your cpus need more power to run. Find the recommended voltages for your cpu and start testing with the lowest recommended volteges.Run stress program everytime you increase it gradually. Your goal is about 8-10 hours stress.
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