Does dban remove the firmware on an ssd drive

I used dban on my OCZ ssd and my question is does it remove the firmware as well as all data. thanks Keith
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  1. First, DBAN will not work on an SSD.

    Second, your answer is no.
  2. It worked with my ssd and now it doesnt work. Only my hard drive works and my ssd doesnt show up any more. This is the firmware to fix the problem but when i made the boot cd and installed it everything worked but i got an error message telling me to put my computer in IDE mode and that the firmware cd wont work in ACHI or RAID mode.

    SO i went to the bios and tried to fin it but all i could find was an option to disable AHCI ports. Makes no sense.

    HEre is the driver, it might work for you.
  3. If you want to clear an SSD, use "parted magic's" secure erase feature to issue the secure erase command to the SSD.
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