Please check over new build, worried about PSU

Hey everyone, Just wanted you guys to check over my build real quick and tell me what you think, processor is due here tomorrow. I'm a little worried my PSU won't be able to keep up but I think it will be ok. Let me know if I should be worried. Here's my build:

Gigabyte P35 DS3R mobo
Q6600 G0 stepping cpu
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
Nvidia 8800gts 320mb video card
2gb G.Skill PC-6400 ddr2 ram
WD 320gb 7200rpm sata hdd
Sound Blaster live! 24 bit sound card
two cd/dvd disk drives
Five 80mm, two 120mm(one LED), and one 60mm case fans(Yeah a little over board but the card runs hot)
Enermax 485w psu

I'm a little worried about the PSU. The PSU is currently powering basically the same set up, with the exceptions of only two 80mm case fans instead of all of those, only an 80gb WD 7200hd, and a Pentium 4 520 Prescott 2.8ghz instead of the quad core, on an intel 915i mobo. The thing runs like a champ now and I have not had any problems with it running the P4 and the 8800gts. I'm planning on upgrading to the OCZ 700w psu in about a month or so. I won't overclock the quad core on the enermax. After I put my whole set up into the "Extreme Power supply calculator" it gave me a recommended wattage of 356watts and that is with the b3 stepping power rating. Should I be concerned or will the Enermax hold up alright? I have heard a lot of good things about Enermax's quality. Please let me know about that and your overall opinion of my build. This is my first complete build from scratch. Thanks a lot for you help!
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  1. your rig is basically in good shape, stay with the PSU and just follow with your plans to upgrade to the 700w. I dont see an issue. Core 2 are supposed to handle better power wise, less in fact than that P4 you have so basically your rig is in good shape.
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