Windows XP Pro startup problem AFTER a restart - on my new rig

Hey guys, thanks for all the help with putting my rig together. It's been 2 days and the computer is great however after installing programs these past few days I noticed a problem.

Today, when I installed several programs (Alcohol 120, Norton Antivirus 2007, Microsoft Office, etc) I decided to click the "Installation is complete, click to restart now or later". I restarted now and I was watching the computer start up. All was fine up to the part where the Windows XP Pro loading bars are suppose to start. Instead I got a VERY darkened version of that screen (almost impossible to see, with a reddish accent. I believe this this is the windows loading screen as it is fading in, but it freezes before its proper colors come up.) and there were NO blocks moving (the thing that similates that windows is starting up). I looked at the HD light, and there was NO light (whereas when Windows loads, it's always flashing).

Initially I would think that it's the hardrive, but the darkened screen makes me think otherwise. Anyone have a problem like this before? This is never happened to me before, I've run Norton's virus scan with updated definitions and still sometimes when I restart the computer from the start menu to see if it will happen again, it happens sometimes. I noticed that when the computer is "off" and I turn it on, it never happens, only on restarts.

Somebody said that it could possibly be a corrupted video driver, if thats the case does anyone know if official ATI drivers with catalyst control centre package from the Amd ATI site will work with my asus x1950 pro? I'm currently using the drivers from the Asus website. He also noted that it could be a power supply issue.

Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. Try booting in Safe mode, or a Last known good configuration.
  2. When it comes to drivers, I like to go to There is a one-time fee but they can check out all the drivers on your system and recommend better drivers. I go there frequently when I set up a computer.
  3. Sometimes when you have a problem after changing something on your system you could do a system restore and see if the system behaves the way it did before the problem occurred. If no change occurs then maybe there is a bad part or something else is wrong.
    I use more than one registry cleaner and sometimes the corrections made actually cause a problem. I do a system restore sometimes and the problem goes away which means I need to watch what errors need correcting.
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