What should I get?

Computer specs:

AMD Anthlon 64 3800
1024 mb ddr2
160gb hdd
Nvidia Geforce 61050SE

I only play Counterstrike Source at the moment and don't really plan on playing anything else. I currently get 25-35fps at the lowest of low settings and would like to get 60+. I know I have a lot of choices... ATI x1950pro, 7900gs, or even buying a card of ebay like a x800xt. Not quite sure what to do or what I can do with this setup.

I'm looking to spend tops $140.
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  1. X1950 Pro.
  2. X1950pro would be the best buy. Can we get your Power supply specs to make sure it would run all fine and dandy?
  3. This is what is says on the back:

    Rating 100-127/200-240v-, 60/50hz. 6.0/3.0A

    not sure if thats what you needed.
  4. we need the +12v rail(s) amps. ex +12v 18a or it make look like +12v1 18a +12v2 20a. I wish x1950 pro's where 140 in Canada.
  5. 12v 0.14A -wx14
  6. You should get a x850xt if you are planning to play a single game. It is a powerful card and it can fly thru cs source.
  7. I have an x800xl All-in-wonder with the R420 Core I could give you a good deal on. Msg me
  8. Ok we need the volts on the +12 volt rail and the total wattage as well please.
    The X800 cards while blindingly fast are SM 2 while a new card like a 7600 or 1950 etc would be SM 3 not trying to put you off or any thing just thought you should be aware, You could do a lot worse than get a X800 series card for a game like that.
    Are you AGP or PCIE by the way you never said?
  9. PCIE

    It has a 300W powersupply
    12v 15A
    5V 30A
    3.3V 28A

    Not sure which you needed. It is also has two fans inside, I'm not sure if that is the norm now or not. What could I look forward to with the 1950pro while playing source? Would it play everything at the highest video level with good fps?
  10. whoa... i'm not sure that PSU will handle an x1950 pro let alone an xt
  11. I have around $140 what can I do with this? Graphics card and new psu or just a new graphics card that will run with my current psu?
  12. What graphics card are you running at the min?
    You havent got a lot of power to play with there :(
  13. I don't think it would be safe to place even 7600GT on a PSU that small. If you were able to get a bit more cash I'd recommend an FSP Group PSU and a X1950 Pro... But I don't know.
  14. emp sorry but that seems to be a standard response from you "get a bigger psu and a 1950 pro :kaola:
    Any way how can it be possable that it wont run a 7600gt, its a single slot solution that dosent need any extra power supply so what is your reasoning behind the idea that it wouldnt be safe.
    The amount of power supplied to a slot is standard isnt it?
  15. Well that's my standard response for people who overlook PSUs, there's really not much going on the GPU market at the moment, only 4 cards to acknowledge in the high end (GTX, GTS, GTS 320, 2900XT) and other 4 more on the midrange department (7900GS, 7950GT, X1950Pro and XT).

    And people need to start realizing the importance of a PSU, if you buy a good unit it should last you a lot longer than your video card will and probably will never run into PSU issues, however if you buy a cheap 250-350W unit and expect to put in a graphics card to do some gaming, you're out of luck.

    I'm sure that there's always the possibility that the PSU will run the 7600GT, but it will probably stress the PSU too much and eventually (And usually sooner than later) it will start to show some problems. You can skimp on monitors, motherboards, CPUs, ram, keyboards, and still have a decent gaming system, however you can't skimp on PSUs or graphics cards, that's just a no-go.
  16. I think what Mactronix is saying is that no matter what gfx card you put in, then the slot will always take the same amount of power thus stressing the psu the same (of course that could be misinterpretation)
  17. Oh i know dont get me wrong i understand completely what you are saying and that you are right ,its just that not every op wants/needs that level of equipment where you regard the high end and midrange to be seems about right to me but the 7600gt and x1650xt are where i would draw the line personally as far as cards worth upgrading to without overhauling your pc are concerned.
    As i have said before a lot of these people are just after one last boost before getting a new pc,
    I personally have(had)a Athalon64 3000+ with 1gig off ram that started life with a 9800 in it and before i gave it to a relative i upgraded it to a x1650xt just so that they would get more usability out of it,it now plays Oblivion at medium+ settings at about 26fps average.

    Still dont see how unlesss the psu is about to die anyway that you can have a problem with a single slot card that needs no extra power? for that to go wrong you would need either the psu or the mobo to go wrong and if either of those happened it wouldnt matter how good your psu was
  18. Exactly spuddyt the card is designed to run in a pcie slot with no extra power the slot provides a standard amount of power so unless there is a problem some where i cant see how its possable for it not to run it.
  19. I don't know, I guess Im a PSU freak after what happened to me with a cheap PSU (I learned my lesson) and just prefer to let my PSU slack off a lot, but I'm really uncomfortable running my PSU too close to the limit, especially if it's just idling or under very light load.

    I really don't like considering the 7600GT ($100-125) and X1650XT ($110-125) choices as worthwhile anymore because the pricetag on those cards is too close to the X1950 Pro ($135), and the performance of the X1950Pro is so superior that it's almost a joke.
  20. Again i can understand where you are coming from on the pricing issue and again i agree,but look at it like this.
    Take one noob(no offence intended)add a pc that is running old sm2 card that dosent cut the mustard any more or say their sm2 card dies.
    Now lets say this pc came with a 300/350/400watt psu when it arrived from the shop.
    Depending on his +12v rails he can only run certain cards.
    If they have any sence they shop about do a little research and find that a 7600gt/x1650xt will run on their pc and be twice as fast as the old card with better image quality,they realy want a 1950/7900 card but the psu wont handle it.
    So what happens most of the time is they think bugger i want one(1950/7900)but im not playing around with a psu wouldnt know where to start so i will buy the card that drops right in,its twice as good/fast as mine any way.

    Thats pretty much how i see most of these posts originating i could be wrong. :)
  21. Seems like a waste though, that PC is almost sure to be AM2 (GF6150 and DDR2), so Im almost certain if he shelled out some more money he would be able to get 3x more for his money. $60 for a 500W FSP PSU, $135 for a X1950 Pro, and $40 for another gig of ram and he's pretty much set on a somewhat decent gaming PC. It just seems that this is not the old PC case, but more of a magical cheap upgrade (something doesn't exist on the PC world) case.
  22. Well in reality yes it is a waste of money but if thats what you have and you only have a limited budget together with a fear of going anywere near a psu then thats what you get.
    Or are you telling me that if you had a pc that couldnt play a certain game you wanted(theoretically) :) and for what ever reason upgrading the psu wasnt an option you would rather not play it than install a card that was better but not as good as it could be.
  23. I agree with emp's last post concerning what the OP can do for about $235, but considering the OP's stated requirement, budget, and the limit of his PSU, he may actually get by with a 7300GT. That would be a significant jump from integrated graphics (6150?), be within tolerance for his PSU, and not take away from his saving for a significant upgrade or replacement next year.
  24. Honestly, I would only do so if it was a game like Crysis and I knew with that single upgrade I could run it very well.

    However, under these circumstances I'd just get a damn job as a store clerk where you get paid what? $300 a month maybe? that is more than enough for whatever upgrade he might need to play not only that game but also upcoming ones, Im sure waiting a month has never killed anyone. One's got to look at the bigger picture sometimes.
  25. Here's an EVGA 7300GT for $37 after MIR:

    Reviews suggest fan problems (noise, at the very least), but at that price you can afford to get a quiet aftermarket cooler.
  26. So if you wouldnt upgrade to a card that wasnt as good as it could be why are you running a gts320 and not a 640 or gtx? :kaola:
  27. Yes i know that was naughty of me but you dont seem to get that not every body wants/needs the best that is possable, a lot of people probably aspire to it but things are rarley as simple as get a job and save up if your budget isnt enough.
  28. Because It's the best price/performance ratio and I only run on a 17" CRT on 1280x960? What benefit do I get from getting 320MB more of VRAM :P Isn't that what I've been advertising all this time? Best Price/Perf ratio, not bleeding edge tech.
  29. Well i think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this,not that i totally disagree with you but am a bit puzzled as to why you cant seem to see it from my point of view.
  30. I do see your point of view, however I feel inclined to suggest hardware that will be a bit more expensive, but in the long run will definitely last a lot longer than the 7600GT/7300GT or whatever low-mid range card from the 7 series is being suggested.

    It's just a matter of what is better in this case (And this is where we are disagreeing), a cheap, very short term solution that will only last for so long or a more expensive solution that will last a lot longer.

    Sometimes people have got to be willing to pay a little bit more for a lot more quality, especially in the hardware realm.
  31. Did some new configs for Source and now I'm getting 35fps with a lot of things on high. I still want a new gfx card to get it up to 60fps. I do have the funds to buy a new psu and 1950pro but the problem is I don't play any other games on my computer except source. I know you will hate me for this but I have a 360 and wii and play all other games on those. What kind of fps at the highest settings will I get with a 7600GT or 1650xt? The next game I will be buying for my computer will be HL3 whenever that comes out or CS2 if that ever comes out. I'm not set on what to do I just want to know what each will give me.
  32. The 1950pro will be your best bet considering the kind of games you intend to buy in the future but you will need that new psu.
  33. I can understand the Wii... that's damn fun :D

    However, once you get a good gaming PC, believe me, you'll most likely stop using the 360. I mean there's no reason to once you get a decent PC, the games are cheaper and look better on the PC, there's a better multiplayer experience without having to pay $60 a year. Plus you can do a lot more stuff on the PC besides gaming, it's just so much more versatile than a console.
  34. Not to turn it into a which is better thread. The 360 I get to play on a 42" High Def Sony TV with an Amazing Surround sound setup, that is why I choose 360 games over cp games. Plus I like to have friends over to play multiplayer.

    What specs would i need for a new psu to run a 1950pro? emp you can help me with this what is the best cheap psu that will work? lol.
  35. Best cheap PSU I can think of that still maintains a somewhat decent quality standard:

    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-PN ATX2.2 500Watts Power Supply 110-120/ 220-240V UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, TUV, CE, CB, FCC - Retail


    Well... if you already shelled out for a 1080p Bravia and great sound I can imagine why it must be nice with friends. I do agree that there are instances where consoles have their ups, and that's one, sharing with friends. (However I do think the Wii is better for the job :D)
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