Toshiba-how to make myself the administrator

I have a new Toshiba L505 55993.
I am the only one who uses this laptop at home.
But I can not save a document in externak hard drive, when the sign comes up saying::do not have permission from administrator. How can I make myself the administrator
Berge Markarian
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  1. You Better check the following URL out:

    Create and customize user accounts:

    first go to control panel and then to the user
    accounts.whatever is your account name, it would
    be written under it ADMINISTRATOR.if it is guest
    then you can create a new account and in the second
    step it would ask you if you want to be administrator
    or guest then select administrator and go on to complete
    the wizard.after that you can delete you previous account.

    Bon Courage.
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