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I'm going to throw the dice and buy the asus striker. What's an extra $100. My guru brother swears he will make it work. Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1066 with LED's is just too kool. So I go to the ASUS home page and I can't find if this memory is compatibile. How do I ask ASUS if the extreme plays nice with my tracer? I can't find the right button to push, Thanks.
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  1. Crucial's Ballistix works with almost all mobo, Asus QVL is not up to date. I haven't heard of Crucial's not working for any motherboard to date. There base on the popular Micron IC's, "Crucials will work."
  2. You would think that the mobo folks and the mem guys would have set standards. Talk to each other. Where is the thrill in buying a Dell? But when you save for two years to build the monster and your room mate says "it will make a nice door stop" Man, why do I drink???
  3. Just so you know my Ballistix fried after 6 or 7 months. For the 1st 5 months they ran perfect with no errors until I installed that ram in my Asus board and then after a few weeks I started getting errors till they just up and fried. Never even OC'd them and ran them at the 2.2V they ask for.

    Unless you're going to use SLI I'd spend my money someplace else like a P35. Also if you really want to burn your hard earned cash you might consider waiting till the 700 series boards come out and replace that 600.
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