Outlook sends but NO ONE gets them

Very strange problem, hopefully somoene can help.

I have Windows Vista, and Microsoft Outlook 2003. I compose an email. It goes to the outbox, then leaves the outbox. I then see it in the sent folder. Problem is, that no matter who I send it to, they never get it. Any single email address - it never goes through, but yet it has left my computer.

I logged in through my providers website and can send via webmail, so it definitely is with Microsoft Outlook. I have disabled anti-virus software and even booted into safe mode with networking to see if anything else was blocking it, and still no luck.

Any ideas, anyone?
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  1. Not an answer you were looking for, but I'll say it anyway:
    Just use webmail
  2. Try sending it to yourself using Outlook and check if you are able to receive it. Ask your friends to check in "Junk"/"Spam" folder in their email applications.
  3. Dickysolo--> This is a clients computer of mine. So I tried sending myself a message from her account. It sent from her outbox but I didn't get it. This has been going on a few days now, so I did more things to find out what the problem is. I deleted the account completely, and re-added it. It worked - for a day! Then I installed Thunderbird instead. It worked! Again, for a day. Now its at the same problem - sending successfully, no errors, but NO ONE gets them!

    Is the problem in her computer? Or email account? Webmail works fine, and yes, that is not an option for her. If webmail works, the problem has to be in her computer right?
  4. I mean try sending to self --- in this case from her account to her email ID. BTW, is is POP3 or IMAP or Exchange Server?

    I don't think it is an issue with the computer. I would suggest you to contact the Email provider instead.
  5. Oh, yes, tried sending it to herself with no success. It left the outbox, and never received.

    Its set up as pop3.

    I think she called her ISP about it and was unsuccessful, they blamed Outlook (go figure!)

    Any other suggestions, please?
  6. Please try creating a complete new Outlook "Profile". Do not add the account to the current profile. Sometimes corrupted profile does crazy stuffs.

    Click this link to create a new Profile.

    Hope this fixes the issue for you.
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