Is the 8800 GTS a good buy?

Is the 8800 GTS a good buy? 330 for a vid card in my opinion is pretty pricey. Usually buying the highest stuff is always a rip off so I was wondering if its worth it?

Should I just go with a 7900 GS, 8600 GS, or perhaps an XT1950 PRO instead for now? and wait till 8800 GTS price drops?

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  1. whats the rest of your hardware?
  2. CPU: Intel E6750
    Motherboard: Gigabyte P35 DDR2 support only though
    RAM: OCZ Gold 5-5-5-12 2X1 GB sticks DDR2800

    Haven't decided on case and PSU
  3. The 8800 GTS is good.
    How long can you wait for the next-gen which will have twice the performance and have Tessellation ?
    If you want good NOW, the X1950XT is better than the X1950Pro. (way better than the 8600GS)
    Your CPU and RAM seems good enough.
    Get a high-end PSU if you care about high-end video cards.
  4. 8800 THE gamers card.
  5. well i don't wanna wait. and im sure those high-end cards you speak of will be well over 600 or 800 when they come out.

    uberman: I see 8800 used in mid-range systems =S other sites have made
  6. only because the 8600's are s*****
  7. The 8800 is said to be one of the best cards for its price and when its superclocked it outperforms the 640mb version. I recommend you buy it. The next generation cards will be expensive.
  8. if you intend on playing over 1600x1200 or 1680x1050 or so for and so on you'll probably want the 640mb version, but if you want to play at those res's with the 320 you should willing to turn of a few features. Games will always be getting more complex SO unless you want to buy a new card every year you'll probably want to stick with the best you can afford, and then skip generations.(i.e. 4*** then 68** and then 88**, you get it?)
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