OS install only see's older IDE and not new SATA

I have a system where the old install of XP is on a PATA or IDE drive and a new SATA drive is attached. XP is to be freshly installed on the SATA but the install only see's the IDE drive. Previously I disconnected the IDE drive, installed on the SATA then connected the IDE and removed the windows folder from the IDE later.

Is there a better way?
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  1. Well my first question is what service pak do you have installed for XP and how big is the Sata HD. If you don't have at least service pak 1 you can't see drivers over 137 gigs.
  2. What do you have the SATA controller set to in BIOS (IDE, AHCI, RAID, etc.)?

    Do you have a floppy drive?
  3. XP isn't installed yet, and it's SP2.

    The SATA controller has only disabled/enabled available. Mobo is Asus P4S800D-X.
  4. I believe you need to install other drivers when you start to install XP. The driver is on your motherboard CD. You might try doing this with the other drive disconnected. Also you cannot install the same system disk on more than one hard drive.
  5. Xp doesn't see sata, you need to load the drivers during install by hitting F6.
  6. The previous xp install is the pirated xp pro corporate. I am putting on the legal home edition sp2. I have the right sata driver being found by setup but for some reason it only sees the IDE drive. Would the jumpers on the IDE have an affect on the priority of the boot?

    I had this same problem with an older system with a promise addon controller card. I must be missing something yet Linux installs to the SATA fine but windows won't.

    I'm at a loss.
  7. I would disconnect the IDE drive temporarily. turn on the system and put the system disk in the DVD drive, the first boot drive. Turn off the computer and then turn on again. At the beginning of installation it will ask if you need to insall additional drivers and if so hit a particular F key. The driver is on your motherboard disk.
  8. Yes fferree, I did the same thing as it seems to be the only method available. After the install I transferred the data then wiped the pro partition clean. Then using GParted (on Ubuntu Live CD) I expanded the new home partition to fill the entire SATA disc.
  9. Thanks Joe, I've seen driverpacks before and when high speed is available here it will be useful. Otherwise it's a 56k week long download :(
  10. (Xp doesn't see sata, you need to load the drivers during install by hitting F6.)
    I concur.
    (The previous xp install is the pirated xp pro corporate.)
    Shame on you....wipe-off that drive or never plan on updating windows.
  11. Yes I know xp doesn't see SATA without additional drivers, same with SCSI which was the first install of xp I did when it was released in 2002 for a colleague. I was still using win2k at the time.

    This system in particular belongs to a friend who had the misfortune of having her xp home install replaced with the pro version because the guy didn't want to wait for her to find her xp home install disc.

    Myself, I go back and forth between xp and linux, never being quite satisfied with one or the other :)
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