Need advice on setting up XP Gaming Partition...


I have a hard drive that is MUCH bigger than I will ever use (400 Gigs) because I don't do a lot of video or music editing. Just Office Apps and Games.

My current Boot Partition is Vista 64. I've also installed all my Office Apps there. I have all my games installed on a separate partition, but they were installed under Vista.

Here is my question:

If I create an XP Dual-boot Partition and I want to be able to play games on it, can I play the ones from my gaming partition that I installed when Vista was active, or do I need to re-install them to work with XP?
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  1. Re-install. XP will not be able to run them with out an XP install.
  2. fire,

    Thanks, yes I figured that might be the case. From what I have seen though, based upon the lastest Vista drivers, XP has VERY LITTLE advantage over Vista with the newest games. Maybe a couple FPS unless it is a OpenGL game.

    So I may skip this altogether.
  3. I think you can "reinstall" them overtop the old install. What you need are the registry changes, I expect. Of course, there might be some configuration or setup file local to the installation that you'll overwrite and would be make the previous install fail.
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