7600GT vs x1950 pro for an aging machine?


I'm looking to extend the life of my old machine a bit longer with a video card upgrade. It's a p4 3.0, 1gig, x1300. I know, it's old, but it's "good enough" for my purposes. I don't need to run high res's or max settings, just decent quality with a decent framerate is good enough for me and I'm sure a new card can offer me that for now.

The problem is I'm unsure as to whether or not my machine can handle the x1950. This is my PSU -


I've been reading about 12v, and the requirements for the x1950, but those stats confuse me. I've never seen a "+12v, -12v" config with such high amps. Is that just a typo? And would that PSU be ok for the x1950?

I imagine the x1950 is overkill for my machine, but where I live the price difference between the 7600GT and the x1950 is neglible. Basically, the choice is between the safe, old-computer friendly 7600GT.. or the riskier, but probably noticeably superior even on my machine x1950.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I'm not sure what to tell you - where I live the 1950 pro is at least twice as expensive as the 7600 GT if you include rebates. Better card, more $.

    I can say that at moderate resolutions the 7600 GT is a fantastic card for the money. I played Oblivion and FEAR at 1024x768 smoothly almost maxed out, even HL 2 at 1680x1050 wihout a hitch or stutter (although that's to high for FEAR or Oblivion).
  2. You do have the option of going with a 1950gt its basically a under clocked 1950 pro it has the same core and i have heard that they can be overclocked ok to about pro level.
    Reading the psu label i am going to assume that the second rail is a typo and should be a + which if correct gives you 28 amps accross your +12 rails which should be enough to run a pro, Given the p3 and 1 gig of ram i would go this way as you can basically customise the card to suit the machine ie fit a GT if you and the pc seem happy leave well alone if you fell you want you can oc a bit then throttle it back if you start to get probs or no real increase :)
  3. well since games aren't very good at using multicores you might as well get the x1950 as it's pretty cheap and fast. You will only get bottlenecks in some new games. games lke fear, oblivion run just fine on single core and crysis suposidly runs fine on single core. later this year or next there may be issues but single core will still run fine for a year or so I'd say. unless you plan on a compete upgrade within the next 6 months to 1 year get the x1950 pro but if you plan on a big upgrade soon get the 7600gt
  4. pro would do you just fine. Your psu should also be okay.
  5. Go with the X1950pro you shout be fine. Enjoy!!
  6. What's with Impreza dogging on dual-cores for? Did you pay $500 for an FX-53 instead of overclocking a wee 1.8ghz A64? Crysis on a single-core...are you kidding me? Do you want to play at 800x600 with no details?

    With X2 starting at $61.50, it idiotic not to have one, even for single-threaded games. I went from a 3.0ghz P4 to a 1.8ghz Opteron 165 and the increase in startup and system responsiveness was amazing, not to mention multi-tasking in day to day use.
  7. X1950 PRO will run perfectly on that CPU and PSU.
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