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I am a registered member of Tom's Hardware but now my computer won't even let me log in. I am not totally computer saavy and need assistance. There was a "Vista" security alert, which was apparently a trojan, but I believe I got it stopped before it totally damaged our computer. My ssvagent.exe file was missing and every time I opened IE, it kept asking "open with" and gave IE as an option but it wouldn't work. I have since fixed that problem from someone's forum who said to disabled the Java SSVHelper Class. This seems to have worked on the IE portion. But now, none of my MS software will open (Word, my games-solitaire, etc.) It keeps saying application not found. And sometimes is says "rundll32" not found. How do I restore my MS software? I do not want to reinstall the factory CD's because then I will lose everything. Any suggestions?
Thank you!
(If I can't login to see the forum, please respond to my email
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  1. Sorry software should have said Malware
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