Radeon x1950xt or NVdia 8600gst???

hey all,

my first post so be gentle

Have read through much stuff here and narrowed down my graphics card options to two options. Actually i initially narrowed it down to the 8800gst 320mb but having bought it the fan was so big it wouldn't fit into my dell computer as it just wuldn't squeeze in underneath the main cpu fan :(

Anyway specs:

Dell 3ghz cpu
3gig ram
19inch lcd monitor

mostly used for playing WoW n Lord of Rings Online with a bit of medieval total war thrown in. Not sure on current graphics card but i think its a 128mb ati E300/e550 so pretty old n budget.

essentially just want whichever of the above two would be best so either
ati x1950 xt
or 8600gst

i understand x1950xt is different to, n better than, x1950 pro? And same that 8600 gst similar to but better than 8600gt? I know x1950xt doesn't have dx10- but not so fussed on that for now.

As i said 8800gst 320mb doesn't quite fit n x1950 xtx costs too much. n i read the radeon competitor to 8600gst (rx2600???) isn't that hot?


cheers :)

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  1. X1950XT > 7950GT > X1950 Pro ~ 7900GS > 8600GTS > 8600GT = HD2600XT

    That's pretty much the line up, the 8600/HD2600 are really not worth your money (Or anyone else's for that matter), especially since the 8600GTS ($160) can't dream to outperform the X1950 Pro ($135). The X1950 Pro uses a different GPU than the X1950XT, but in layman terms the X1950XT is plain faster (And by a fair amount), not only that but the X1950XT is simply a GDDR3 underclocked version of the X1950XTX which uses GDDR4 (At least to the best of my knowledge).

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that, on what seems to be your budget (~$150-190) the best possible buy you can make is the X1950XT, since it's pretty much the undisputed champion on that pricing segment.
  2. You might have another problem on your hands. That set up sounds an awful lot like my system, which has a 350 watt PSU. You may need a new power supply to be able to run a 1950pro or xt. What is your power supply?

    In either case, if you can afford it, I would go with the xt and new PSU if you need one. The 8600s are pretty bad for gaming.
  3. I don't know about Lord of Rings on Line, but the other two would be just fine with a simple 8600GT and there should not be any power supply issues. The other cards may be overkill for what you play and likely would need a new PSU.
  4. I agree with Zenmaster. The x1950 family will need a bigger PSU. And, since it is a Dell, it is possible the PSU may be non-standard.
  5. Dell Upgrade Power Supplies from PC Power & Cooling

  6. I see you hate cheap power supplies emp. Are those Dell PSUs any good?
  7. PC Power & Cooling units... Probably best brand on the market :P
  8. I upgraded my Dell 8200 like that. The PC P&C is a good PSU. Only issue with older dell cases is good cooling. The larger cards run hotter and Dell cases like the 8200 dont cool well. I fried a 6800GT. Also, Dell's PSU are underrated. I could run a 6800GT on the stock dell PSU which I think was 350W without a hitch
  9. Have you ever heard of a drill and a saw :P? You can remove all your hardware and mod your case with a drill to add more fans, and if needed, you can saw off the expansion bays that are on the way. Remember you are only limited by your own creativity.
  10. you will need to get a new psu you have is probably rated between 300-350 watts. and you will need minimum 450 watts to drive those cards.

    i had the same problem but i made a new computer instead, with an x1950 pro. as it wasnt worth getting a psu for the crapy dell.
  11. A Dremel is your friend. Heh, like sharp said, better to build it yourself. Your processor is already ancient and with prices nowadays, you could upgrade relatively easily esp for what you want to play.
  12. emp said:
    X1950XT > 7950GT > X1950 Pro ~ 7900GS > 8600GTS > 8600GT = HD2600XT

    I disagree. That might have been the case at launch, but things are different now. Should be more like

    X1950XT > 7950GT > X1950Pro ~ 7900GS ~ 8600GTS > HD2600XT >8600GT

    Even this isn't perfect because the 7900GS is a hair faster then the GTS if I recall, but it isn't that much faster. (just looked, they trade blows, though the 7900GS usually wins if the res goes high enough.) The important thing to remember is that the 2600XT with drivers 7.7 or newer can beat the 8600GT, and get close or beat the GTS depending on settings/game. Considering that the XT is ~$110 while the GTS is closer to $150, I'd take the XT.
  13. I guess I agree on that, however it's a moot point anyway, anything below the 7900GS shouldn't even be considered at all. DX10 midrange is all a bunch of POS, I just did that to illustrate how far down they were in the food chain.
  14. Bugger

    sooo how do i find out what watt my power suppy is and how easy is it to buy new one/check compatability and install????
    or if thatss tough to do - which card should i get that;d be a big upgrae n would let me play WoW n Lotro in high res widescreen?
  15. Mikey787878 said:

    sooo how do i find out what watt my power suppy is and how easy is it to buy new one/check compatability and install????
    or if thatss tough to do - which card should i get that;d be a big upgrae n would let me play WoW n Lotro in high res widescreen?

    What's your Dell system model # ?
    305w= 22amps
    350w= not sure
    375w= 30amps

    I don't think you need a new psu, that's up to you.
    I have the Dell 305w
  16. i'm sorry i have no idea - how do i find this out?

    Is it:
    Dell Dimension DIM5000
    Pentium(R) 4 cPU 3.20Ghz

  17. http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dim5000/en/sm/specs0.htm#wp1052310

    You have the 305w-22amps. The same one as I got. Happy hunting.
    Up to 8600GTS or 7900GS or GT. Ati-? (with stock psu).
    If you want to upgrade psu:

    Pc Power is worth the $20 extra.
  18. can someone explain to me why i might need a better power supply? what might happen to mine if i use the x1950xt? can i use the x1950xt? how do i work out what graphics cards can go with this power supply? tis is a whole new dimension i'd not even thought about!
  19. Read the post above again-edited. Remember-without new psu-22amps on the 12v rails.
  20. but how can i tell if i need to upgrade psu or not?
  21. Mikey787878 said:
    but how can i tell if i need to upgrade psu or not?

    You determine what card you want, the power requirements, and if it will fit in your case. For example:

    If you want to use that card you have to find a 30amp psu that will fit in your case. You're on your own there.
    The best one specifically made for your system is only 26amps. Good luck.
    BTW: I saw it takes up 2 slots.
  22. Well, you have to know how much power the card you're wanting to buy consumes. And pretty much every decent card will consume a bit more than what your current PSU can handle (That's how business savvy dell is), I'd say get the PC Power & Cooling Dell Silencer 470, a X1950XT, and also maybe another gig of ram down the road. Best possible upgrade you can do, maybe later on you can get a dual core CPU too.
  23. emp - i thought that too but reading kpo's reply above wouldnt that be under spec on the psu to handle the x1950xt? Does the wattage figure you get from newegg relate to whats needed for the whole comp or just the graphix card? n also isn't silencer 470 only 26amp?

  24. The X1950XT should be fine with 26amps, that's assuming a fully loaded system, not a simpler system like yours. The more power hungry 8800GTS is usually fine on simple systems with 28amps.

    However if you like, you could get another PSU with a higher amperage on the 12V+ rail to feel safer and mod your case a bit to make it fit. (Which is something I would recommend).

    Wattage is only the result of amperage * voltage, that's how some manufacturers get higher rated PSUs (500-600W) that are usually crap and can't power systems that good 450W units can power with no issues.

    This is a simple, quality unit with 30A on the 12V+ rail that will take care of your needs, but I wouldn't ask it to power 8800/HD2900.

    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-PN ATX2.2 500Watts Power Supply 110-120/ 220-240V UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, TUV, CE, CB, FCC - Retail

  25. If you get one with an on-off switch you'll have to modify the back panel to accomodate the switch.
  26. Before you get a new PSU, this might be easier to fit in your case and get the job done.

  27. hey,i have a x1950xt and it is very power hungry,went straight through the standard 400w then through a $40.00 generic 550w 2 days later.all seems ok now with 550 Thermaltake, (quality Does Count)
  28. One thing you guys are forgetting, is that he can't have a double slot card like the x1950xt, because of it interfering with the CPU fan, just like the 8800GTS he had did. I have a Dell similar to his and it's a probably a BTX motherboard, where the video cards face up, instead of down. My 8800GTS would not fit as well. Also, a 7900GT was too much for the stock power supply, it's running a 7600GT right now. (Yea, I'm ate up with video cards!).
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