NewBie to DVI-D and HDMI....Need Help

I posted this inder the Graphics card section 1 gay ago.... thought I might get a reponse her quiker...

I have just purchase a system using a BioStar TF7050-M2 MoBo and a Samsung 216BW wide screen Monitor(DVI-D and DB-15 VGA inputs). And I don't know the first thing about Digital video, digital interfaces, an such. I am using the integrated GPU(GeForce 7050PV/630a), but have only been able to get the VGA to work, the MoBo also has an HDMI output port. I am using Windows 2000 Pro right now, but will be installing XP-64 Pro. I figured the BIOS should detect the HDMI connected to my monitor. I have also worked under the assumption that DVI-D or HDMI only works with the appropriate drivers and OS. The MoBo came with a HDMI to DVI-D adapter and I also have an HDMI to DVI-D cable. I have tried both the Adapter and Cable. My questions are mainly this:

Will the Digital output display the POST and/or Command Prompt when booting from Diskette(remember diskettes.?)....???

Will the digital output only work with certain Operating Systems..??

I have the most recent BIOS dated 7-16-2207, and it seems fine.

I also have a question about New DVD/CD burners/players. I have a Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-7170A DVD/CD burner. I under stand that with newer OSs, XP and later you don't need to connect the analog audio out or the digital audio out connectors to the MoBo/Sound Card. I am going to have a Dual boot system with W2K on one partition and XP-64 on the second partition. I know not many people are familiar with Dual Booting, but it is rather simple with NT based OSs. Right now I only have W2K installed and the analog audio out to the MoBo analog CD in header works fine, when playing CDs. I tried to connect the DVD/CD digital out connector to the S/PDIF input on the MoBo, but that did not work. Question:

Where do you connect the DVD/CD player Digital Out to..??

I have been searching the internet and forums for weeks and have found nothing that helps. Have also emailed the MoBo manufacturer.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated....

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  1. It doesn't look lkie the monitor supports HDMI and doesn't look like you mobo has a DVI connection so you can only connect to the VGA.

    As for the DVD, I tried to pull up the mobo on line manual but no luck. I don't know if that board has a digital connector for the onboard sound but it will be in the manual. Often times the online manual is easier to read
  2. well i did not even read this - i read you are using on board graphics and biostar and that tell;s me your in trouble! your using windows 2000? then going to 64 bit

    you must be kidding me?

    get a good mobo and good graphics card and an updated os with 32 bit one!
  3. g-paw,

    You said, "It doesn't look lkie the monitor supports HDMI and doesn't look like your mobo has a DVI connection so you can only connect to the VGA."

    But the LCD monitor does have a DVI-D input connector. The motherboard came with an HDMI to DVI-D adapter. So shouldn't the onboard vidio adapter(GeForce 7050PV/630a) support DVI-D output through the HDMI connector.????

  4. It should use the HDMI / DVI port unhook the vga cable and try it.
  5. Hey JoeDragon,

    I tried that already. Most articles/newsgroups/forums, at least the few I could find describing connecting DVI-D video cards that have VGA and DVI-D say to connect both connectord to your single monitor. Hell, I thought I would be able to set the monitor to Digital and see the POST. Unless, my onboard Digital video is bad, I was thinking maybe W2K does not support Digital video..?? I am about to instal Windows XP Pro, on a seperate Partition, and I am thinking that might give me some more clues..??
    I guess I should have gone for a less advanced/new technology MoBo, as I have not kept up with all the latest stuff for the past 6 years or more.

    Any more help/advice will be appreciated. ..... kenr77
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