Which multi-port external HDD enclosure?

I'm wondering what the best external hard drive enclosure there is for an internal SATA and external FireWire and USB combo option. If it has eSATA that would be nice as well.

I have a 500GB drive at the moment, but the option to put a larger capacity drive in there eventually would be nice.

I've done research in the past and it seems - like with everything, I suppose - that there are many conflicting user reviews and I couldn't make a solid decision.

A good price would be nice, but I'm much more willing to pay for something quality than for something just cheap.
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  1. I ended up getting this. It looks to be the best and most reliable thing on the market, or so I've heard, for a 2 drive enclosure:


    Apparently OWC products are supposed to be top notch!!!
  2. Something like this would work. Tough to find one with both eSATA and firewire. Mine has USB and firewire and really no significant noticeable increase in speed, which you'd definitely notice. Plus, all computes have USB but a lot don't have firewire.
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