GA-N650SLI-DS4, SATA drives appearing as ejectable USB drives

Hi guys,
I'm working off a
GA-N650SLI-DS4 Motherboard
Intel Core Duo E6850 CPU
4Gb Crucial DDR2 PC5300
XFX 8800 GTS 320Mb XXX
NorthQ 500W PSU
WD 160Gb drive (system drive)
Samsung 500Gb drive
Samsung 200Gb drive

Just wondering if anyone had come across this 'problem' before.
I say 'problem' because I've been told that this is a feature of SATA. I've certainly never seen or heard of this before though.

Basically after getting a new machine with no OS installed and connecting up my old HDD's, plus a new one I do a fresh install of XP SP2.
All works fine until I install the chipset drivers, after which all of my HDD's then appear in the system tray as ejectable USB devices. I can eject the two non system ones, but obviously not the C drive. The HDD's are connected via SATA cables to the Mobo.

Installing the chipset drivers from the disc that accompanied it seems to cause the problem. However uninstalling them does not rectify it. The drivers are correct as I checked the manufacturers website.

I also reinstalled Windows from a different cd as well just to make sure that that wasn't the problem.

Just wondering if anyone was familiar with something like this.
Cheers for reading.
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  1. If you see the devices listed in "Unplug or eject hardware", it means they are hot-swappable drives.
    Nothing to worry about. Actually, an advantage.
  2. Thanks for the swift reply Evongugg,
    I guess I was just a bit unsettled having never seen this before. Looks like i went through the hoops trying to find answer to a non-existing problem. You learn something new everyday I suppose!
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