Need help comparing three 650i SLi OC mobo's


I've recently won OCZ FlexXLC PC2-6400 2Gb memory and I want to buy a proc and mobo to it.
I'll be buying the Intel E2140 to OC it to 3-4Ghz ranges.

Now I can't decide what mobo to buy, it needs to support extreme FSB (1333+) and SLi, so I decided to go 650i.

Here are my choices, if you have a better idea, or have a second opinion, PLEASE say so:

GA-N650SLI-DS4 + 2140 @ - € 155.80
P5N-E SLI @ - € 156,07
FP-IN9 SLI @ - € 148,69

The GigaByte shows to be the best OCer in this review:

Again: If anyone has a second opinion or a better idea, please say so...
Thank you in advance,

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  1. Correction: I will probably be using the E2160 because it has a higher multiplier and only costs me a rough 12 bucks more.
  2. I've read it, but wasn't that impressed seeing the GigaByte got better results?
  3. well u cant say which OCs better , for example u may get 3.2 with P5N-E , and 3.0 with the gigabyte one , or viceversa , so u cant say which board OCs better
  4. I'm looking for one which can reach the highest FSB stable, and I hate the FAN that's required on the P5N-E on the heatsinks to make it really a decent overclocker.

    I know the final OC depends on the chip of the CPU
  5. Gigabyte DS4
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