Intel Q6600 B3 Rev. with Zalman CPS9700NT, a question

Hi guys,

I'm new around here but I figured it was the right place to ask the question. I own a Q6600 with a 9700NT mounted on it. I am experiencing core temps from around 40-50C idle and higher on load. Does that seem to be a bit high to anyone else? I attempted to raise my FSB speed on my board (a BFG Tech. 680i) to 1333mhz however the idle temp reads to be about 65C (which is obviously a bit to high for idling). As of the moment I have left the FSB at 1066 with the CPU clocked standardly at 2.4ghz.

What should I do to lower these temperatures? I have suspected poor seating and poor application of TIM (I use AS5), but after several reseats and reapps of AS5 I haven't had any better results.
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  1. I have the same setup except that I have a Zalman 9500. I run at 47 idle and closer to 60 on load. I have not been able to lower the idle temperature either - I suspect that the Northbridge is creating excess heat and inflating my CPU core temp.

    I have an ASUS P5W64 PRO motherboard and the Northbridge heatpipe runs right around my CPU on two sides (underneath and to the back of the case).

    At first i thought it was a sensor glitch, but I have spoken to Asus (not that I liked their answer) but they say its probably due to poor airflow. I will have to test their theory when I purchase a new case.

    I have had to run my CPU and RAM at stock because otherwise the CPU will hit 75+.

    Jay Vee

    The Setup:
    Intel Q6600 + Zalman 9500 LED (Max 2500 RPM)
    Asus P5W64 WS PRO
    OCZ REAPER 1066 4x1GB
    1000W Silverstone OP1000
    Saphire Radeon X1950 XT 256MB
    3x Seagate 500GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache (SATA) – ST3500630AS
    1xPioneer DVD-RW DL DVR 212D (SATA)
    Antec TX 640B Case (Similar) – Older Model
    2 x 80mm Silverstone Chasis Fan (Front Side Panel) – Taking Air In
    1x 80mm Silversone Chasis Fan (Side Panel) – Taking Air In
    1 x 80mm Silverstone Chasis Fan (Back Panel) – Exhaust Fan
    1x 120mm Thermaltake 5.25 HD iCage – Taking Air In.

    OS: Vista x64 Ultimate
  2. If I look my values with coretemp, they are about the same.
    Speedfan gives something totally different, and ASUS utility show the same (for CPU) as Speedfan... makes me wonder if Coretemp is that reliable.
    My Q6600 B3 is running at 3 GHz, with Thermaright 120 on top
  3. To my knowledge Coretemp is more reliable than others, as Speedfan records the immediate vicinity of the CPU itself. What I am wondering is why my non-overclocked CPU is as hot as your overclocked Q6600, I very much doubt the Ultra 120 can cool that much more than my current HSF.

    As far as the possbility of the NB HSF blowing into the CPU HSF, it appears to be the same problem with the 680i layout, however I doubt that is the case because for some reason or another my CPS9700NT is cold to the touch when I reach to the heatpipes that run inside of it (I have decent airflow through my case).
  4. I have a QX6700 and Zalman 9700. I usually run at 40 idle. My Zalman recently got knocked lose and now I run at 60. Have to fix it this week :P.
  5. Those are a little high but the B3's do run hot. My G0 with an arctic freezer 7 pro idles at around 40* C on the hottest core and gets up to 50ish while playing CSS.

    Is it hot in your room? Do you have enough ventilation in the case?
  6. My room is kept at normal room temperature and the layout of my case is pictured below. The red arrows indicate either 120mm fan directionals or the large 200mm fan on top in a Antec 900. Also, the yellow arrow indicates air in from a side panel 120mm fan.

  7. vylo said:
    I have a QX6700 and Zalman 9700. I usually run at 40 idle. My Zalman recently got knocked lose and now I run at 60. Have to fix it this week :P.

    What do you mean knocked loose? Did one of the screws on the butterfly clip come out?
  8. Well let me put it this way. In BIOS the CPU temp was 83 degrees. I pushed on the zalman and it dropped ti 75 in about 5 seconds. When I released, it shot back up almost instantly. It only did this after I transported it recently.

    I can't see what is wrong, that fan is the size of a god damned panda bear in there. Reseating it is going to be like wrestling a fan version of godzilla. Really that is the only thing I hate about these coolers. They were either made in space or by the devil.........or by the space devil. Seriously though I'm sure they could come up with a better way for us to attach these that didn't involve us trying to break the laws of physics.
  9. Well, the members of this forum truly proved to be useless in responding to this thread, so I decided to work a couple of things out for myself.

    I reset the position of my case fans and coolers to create a direct traffic of air moving into the HSF, lapped the CPU and HSF, and remanaged as many cables as possible through some case modding (damn jigsaw was a pain in the *** to manage).

    After all my hard work, I booted the computer up to be greet with temps almost 10C lower. I have now since overclocked the FSB to 1333mhz with the Q6600 running at 3.0ghz with temps right where they were to start (48C on a die and 40C on the other).
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