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Hey ya'll. I'm planing on building a new PC sometime in the next few months. I'm very much a noob, but I confident that I can do it. I have alot to learn, and I suspect I'll get an education just lurking here. In some of my preliminary research, I came up with what I hope will be an intresting first thread.

I've always been a fan of BFG graphics cards, because their customer service is top notch, and they offer a lifetime warranty on all their cards. And if I'm going to shell out the money for a new build, I might as well have as much as possible under warranty. So other than BFG, who offers lifetime warranties on their components?
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  1. Hmmm im not sure about any other companies offering lifetime stuff but my opinion on warrenties is I have only used them a couple of times in my life. One time that would have been nice (a Voodoo 5500 that happened to die 2 months after I bought it and 1 month after they went out of buisness....) So I say to hell with warrenties ! lol I do keep the paper work around just in case but the odds that its ever going to be needed is pretty slim. Hmmm most of the time, when something of mine dies its out of warrenty and earned its rest.

    I think I remember reading somewhere that electronics if they dont die in the first 5 days of use then more then likely they will last a long time.
  2. I am a BFG buyer only, because they do have the best customer service and lifetime on their cards. Their customer service has helped me out many times. I'm about to rma my card and couldn't believe how easy it was, thats it! Send it in and we'll send you the same card or better, Wow.
  3. EVGA i think was actually the first to offer lifetime warranty on thier video cards before BFG (this trend may start actually growing in the coming years). I purchased a Nvidia 7800GT back in 2005. Two months into it a big thunder storm hit my area and zapped my rig. Luckly only the card was strangly affected. I called EVGA, sent them the card and got back a brand new one within 2 weeks. EVGA also has good customer service and is a respected mobo dealer as well. Look into thier cards and compare them to BFG's. As for other companies i am not sure.
  4. I bought RAM once and it said lifetime warranty on it. But in the fineprint this lifetime was defined a little more in detail. It meant up to 10 years. I don't know if this is normal or if it was just this brand...?
  5. While it is generally true that most components if they make the first month will run thir life span fine vid cards seems to be the more prone component to fail EVGA has a great warranty program you can even upgrade your rma such that they send you a card to same time you send yours so you are not without your rig for 2 weeks. EVGA has step up as well which can come in handy.

    good luck
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