Resolution question *I am sure this is a dumb question*

Well okai this may sound dumb but i have just realized after having my rig for 3 days;
so the question is on every game you can change the resolution i know that means the size of the screen so say if a screen is **** then i need the game to go into **** but if i put it into a different resoultion does that make the graphics better or the same?

Example;800×600 and 1024x768

Screen supporst max 800x600 (19')
but when i play a game i put the settings to 1024 x 768 which isnt supported so will the graphics change or not does it cause a problem like crash because its not in the right settings?

and say if the games max setting is 1024x768 and i am playing in that on a (19") but the screens max settings is 800x600 does that mean i need a bigger screen to make the resolutions bigger?

In other words reolutions doesnt change the make the gaphics better of a game it just makes it fit the screen?
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  1. What is the make and brand of this monitor.

    LCD maxed out at 800x600 you say. It might be a first generation 19 inch/or a very cheap make.
    or maybe there are drives you might have to install.

    But whatever the max settings of the monitor your game can only scale to the top resolution of the monitor.
  2. The max resolution of a 19" monitor should be at least 1024x768 (more likely 1280x1024). If you have your Windows desktop sized to 800x600, when you start your game in full-screen mode, the screen resolution will change to whatever you've set in the game. A higher resolution will typically allow you to see more, but objects will be smaller.

    btw, resolution isn't the same as screen size; it is the number of dots that can be shown on the screen. 800x600 will still fill the screen, but with larger dots.
  3. daaam you need to get with the times man, 800 by 600 wow. i thought my old 1280 by 1024 was crap
  4. ...but Willcgi is also right. The game can only go up to the max supported by the monitor hardware. In my earlier example, it is the Windows max that the game can exceed.
  5. NO you dont get it i was using that as an example!
    The question again is;

    By changing the resolution does it make the graphics better oy does it only change the size of the screen?

    I am saying this because say IF my monitor is 1024x768 and i have the game on a higher resolution will it make the graphics better or not has it changed anythink? or do i need to stick with my screen resolution?
  6. The highest resolution your monitor supports will give the best picture details, however it may lower your frame rates unless your graphics card is powerful enough.

    Most monitors will self-adjust, fitting whatever image they are given to full screen size. If you play a game with a fixed 800x600 resolution on a widescreen monitor (e.g. 1440x900), the image may be stretched to the full width of the monitor (making characters / objects look fatter), although there may be an option in the driver such as "maintain aspect ratio" which will instead center the image on the screen with black bars on the sides.
  7. it has not changed anything, and it probably will make it worse, as your monitor itself has to do the job of eliminating certian pixels as it cant display them all, and monitors dont have the best proccesing power in the world,
    you should try to stay with your screens native resolution.
  8. If your PC is only a few days old then chances are it would be reasonably good. Thats a generalisation of course.

    The native resolution is the res you would run windows at. After that run your games at close to, or spot on that res. When quitting the screen will resize. Unless it crashes in which case the screen res could possibly stay at whatever the game was running at.

    For eg: Windows is 1280 x 1024, run the game at that res and turn down other graphics options if the game runs crap. Thats the way I prefer to do it.
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