PLEASE HELP! Overclocking e2160 and gigabyte pa35-ds3l

I recently purchased an E-2160 dual core cpu and a gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l mother board along with 2gb of patriot extreme peformance ram,(2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), after reading this article.

I also have a evga 7600 gt and a cooler master 500 w power supply, sata hitachi HD

I cant get this set up to over clock at ALL!!! it crashes and reverts back to stock settings, what am I doing wrong? I set the FSB to 355 and I changed the core voltage to 1.525, I tried adding .10v on the ram as well. I must be a noob and missing something here, the article made it seem so simple to do, that I figured It would be easy, and Im stumped, any ideas? please help? anyone who works at Toms Hardware care to let me know? im not the only person in this forum who cant get this to work and so far I cant find the answer, how bout the specific settings to use in the bios??

CPU Clock Ratio 9x ?
CPU Host Clock Control Enabled
XCPU Host Freq (mhz) 266-355?
Pci Express Auto
CIA2 Dis
Performance Enhance turbo
System Memory multiple Auto
Memory Freq 800 1420?
High speed dram Option 1
System voltage control manual
DDR2 over volt control manual
PCI over volt Normal
PCI Ov normal
FXB ovc normal
mch over normal
CPU voltage control Normal
Normal CPU voltage 1.32500v?

anyone know what all these exact settings should be or how i can find out?

Im using a cooler master hyper tx2 fan
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  1. well why not try something lower? From 200 to 355 is a huge leap. Why not try 300, or 333, or something of that sort to get started?
  2. i did, i tried 233, 266,300,333 obviously im doing something wrong lol, i figured someone had to have the same mb and cpu as me, and know how to set it up in the bios
  3. Your memory is at 1420 Mhz? Lower your memory multiplier until you can get as close to 800 Mhz as possible to start with. Another thing I would do is lower your performance enhance.
  4. good call sparky, I finally got it stable, it was the multiplier that was throwing me and when I noticed how you said 1420 I was like hmmm.

    PCI E 125
    Multiplier (3.0)

    MHZ ram 800 - 1065

    if anyone needs tips with settings it took me about 5 hours of searching through forums and testing to figure this all out, so now im only semi noob
  5. I've got the same board with a Q6600. Let us know how much you end up overclocking it.
  6. is it okay to have the PCI E at 125?
  7. What I have read states that it should be set at 100. I do not know the repercussion of setting that number higher or lower however.
  8. Changing your PCIE frequency adjusts the bandwidth your PCIE bus(es) operate at. Since a lot of onboard SATA controllers and other onboard bits are attached to the PCIE bus, you may get corruption on your HDDs, or some onboard/PCIE peripherals will disappear if the frequency goes too high.

    I ran my PCIE on my old PF5 at 120 for a long while without any problems, but your mileage may vary.
  9. ive got this system to run stable at 333 mhz on the fsb, with a 3.0 setting on the memory, the pci e is usually at 105, it seems to crash if i put it up to 110, though on my old nvidia board i could go to 125. When running 3dmarks i can get it to be stable at 355, however every time i turn it off, when it reboots it comes up at stock speed, so ive just been leaving it at 333, i dont know why my set up is different from the article, i have a good power supply, same ram, same board , same chip, but isnt very stable at 355 and of course the brillant guys at toms hardware never thought to mention all the important stuff like what to set everything at it making this not a project for anyone who reads the article thinking its easy to do. I just up graded my video card from a evga 7600gt to a xfx 7900gs i got for 99 bucks new at , and its over clocked big time, runs fear and prey very nice.

  10. my e2160 is very stable at 325 FSB, PCI E 100, CPU volts 1.45 to 1.50, keep in mind the system temp should not exceed 40C. ( Intel Rule ) my room temp is 74 and CPU temp is 40C and system is 36C. running cool master Gemin 11.
    Must agree Tom's Hardware is very mis-leading. I designed my system around their model, and is no way equal to their system....Tom you should explain why. First OV system for me, learned a lot the hard way by trial and error, but no good model or settings to sart from and move up to just below unstable settings...
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