Vista Problem, Really Screwed up! Help!

Ok, so this is my perdicament.

My Computer has been plauged by the Vista "drivers not responding/recovered" error crap.

I was looking forever to find a remedy to this problem. On the nvidia forum, one user posts this :

1. Control Panel=>Windows Update=>Change Settings=>"Download updates but let me choose whether to install them".
2. Download the latest driver from the nvidia website.
3. Go to Device Manager, select your display adaptor, and uninstall it, choose to also delete drivers when prompted.
4. Reboot computer into safe mode by pressing f8 when the computer boots, when prompted to install new display driver choose "never install a driver for this device"
5. Navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\ and rename the file nvlddmkm.sys to nvlddmkm_old.sys. Take note of the date of this file
6. Navigate to c:\windows\system32 and rename any other file of the same date as nvlddmkm.sys which begins with the letters 'nv'
For examples:
nvcplui.exe become nvcplui_old.exe
nvd3dumx.dll becomes nvd3dumx_old.exe
etc..etc..etc..Repeat for all files with the same date as the file you found in step 5, they begin with the letters 'nv'
If it is too tedious to rename all the files, you can simply delete them, or move them to a different folder.
6a. For 64bit Vista, repeat step 6 in c:\windows\sysWOW64
7. Reboot to normal Windows, if prompted again to install a driver choose "never install a driver for this device.
8. Install the driver which you downloaded from the nvidia website.

And says it will work for Vista users who are having this problem.

I follow the steps, and what do you know i f-ed up my computer now.
I changed all of the said files to end with _old.exe.

WHen i restart my computer now (manually because i can access anything), im greeted with a windows boot message saying"

(shown in the pictures

Uploaded with

Uploaded with )

Im not sure what to do, i followed the steps Windows has offered, all of them, more than 10 times each, and even waiting a period of 30min, to see if time would have any effect.

Thanks for your help,
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  1. When the first screen comes up highlight "Safe mode with networking" by using the up arrow key on your keyboard and press enter -- THis will start windows in safe mode and from there you will then run the .exe file that you downloaded from Nvidia to install the video drivers (by renaming the old drivers windows cannot find them now so will not start properly so you need to boot into safe mode (which loads a default set of VGA drivers that all video cards will run with for troubleshooting) -- Once it finishes booting you then want to install the video card drivers for your video card that you should have already downloaded -- The reason you are doing it this way is so that you are sure you have deleted the ones you were having problems with (thus the renaming with the _old naming) and you have done this (can tell because windows is not loading them !!)
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