Need a new keyboard

Im looking for a new keyboard to replace my PS2 keyboard... Ill be getting my laptop soon so I need a USB keyboard (Yea, I know about ps2 to usb converters, but I want a new keyboard heh :p). Im a moderate gamer, I like fps games a lot.

here's what I'm looking for:
Backlit keyboard
silent when typing
responsive with good feedback
must have a calculator shortcut button, volume up/down, mute, next, previous, play/pause
nice if it has a My computer, sleep, e-mail shortcut.
Also, I really hate having to install drivers for keyboards, so a keyboard with good features yet no drivers would be very nice!

The cheaper the better.

Ive been looking at Saitek Eclipse II and Logitech G11 right now.

The Saitek looks nice, but it lacks some features my current cheap MS keyboard has (some shortcut buttons)

The logitech looks really feature-rich, however, it seems a bit too drivers dependent... Ive even read that it didnt work during win XP install. I really hate the fact that you need a program running on your system to allow your keyboard to work properly...

Thanks for helping!
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  1. I currently have the logitech G15 and it's very nice. It has the vast majority of the features you are looking for and has numerous programmable keys. Check it out - you should be able to find it for around $60-$80, I think. (no problems with install on either version of XP that I have).
  2. But you need to be running some logitech tools for all the features to work... and the G11 has no LCD, which is better I think.
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