Bang per buck for video and general use: opinions?

Ok, I am building a new PC ...

So far I have come up with the following: Aug. 11 09.57.jpg

My use is part general day to day office stuff, part watching some TV while I am working and then some basic video editing with output for use on the web or during simple presentations. Nothing heavy in that regard.

Nice to have something with some upgradability over next two-three years in terms of processor tho', if possible, and without MBo changing and such. Thinking quad core. Also, I want to upgrade to Vista once it's settled down by adding the extra memory. Currently running x64 XP. Finally, I want option to implement RAID by adding a couple of top quality drives if I need that for the video stuff.

Monitor, keys, DVD/CD drive and mousey not needed as will come from older machine. I want to import, edit and export video. I assume I will import via firewire and export via the ATI card. Have no idea on that stuff.

So watcha'll think? A solid all round bang per buck machine with room to grow over the next few years? What about that Asus? There is some talk in shop about post and memory issues! Any tweaking you would do? Worth going for the OCZ memory as it's cheaper? I just know Corsair already! Maybe the 2x 500gb Samsung HD's are better for very little extra?

BTW, the Zalman is for my second system which has a noisy fan, not this one, and the camera and SD card and webcam are presents, so not applicable either ;-)

Thanks a lot ... advice much appreciated.
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  1. Vista HAS settled down.

    And if you arent gaming one of the newer DX10 cards is very good, such as 2400 series or 8400gs. Cheap too.
  2. I would go with the P35 chipset instead of the 650i. Check out the Asus P5k.
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