Looking for quiet cheap mobo/case/CPU combo for a home built NAS

Hi All,

I'm trying to build a box to serve as a home NAS. Eventual OS will either be freebsd 7 or solaris, since I want ZFS support (so no need for hardware RAID support).

Here are my priority items in order of importance
At least 6 internal SATA ports (preferably more)
Quiet! No loud fans, etc..
Case should have at least 8 open bays
Hopefully cheap (~$500 for everything, but the disks)
Gigabit Enet, preferably not RTL based (Intel would be great) and preferably 2 ports
Relatively energy efficient setup, hopefully under 200Watts consumed with drives, 80 Plus Power Supply

Nice to haves
Integrated Video
Dual Core CPU (preferably Core Duo)

I know there are a ton of cases/motherboards out there that fit most of the criteria, just hard finding one that comes the closest to all of them. Seems specially hard knowing if something's going to be really loud or not.

Thanks in advance,
So does anyone have a CPU/Case/Combo that matches the above.
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/244340-32-file-server

    Toms search again...

    Have a look at my post there 1tb system for ~600 (inc hdd)
  2. Yeah I did see that one, but there was no indication of how quiet/loud the case/motherboard/CPU was. Also I don't think that case is available anymore. And the NIC is RTL based which I was trying to avoid.

    I'm kind of leaning towards the following setup, though not sure how loud that combo is. Unfortunately seems to use an RTL NIC and no onboard video, but its got a ton of SATA ports. The case seems to have a decent efficient power supply. CPU might be overkill but seems to match the mboard well.

    Antec Sonata III Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power Supply - Retail
    GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 Conroe 2.33GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6550 - Retail
  3. For a ~500 you cant do much with all included. Id still stick with the mobo i selected you only loose 2 sata ports and gain onboard video. Your right the SonataII is EOL for SonataIII

    GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R $135

    Intel Dual-Core E2140 Allendale $75
    You only using it for a file server.. you dont need an e6550

    Patriot 2GB (2 x 1GB) $58
    Cheap RAM if you are using XP for the server, and your not using much you may be fine with 1gb then it would be cheaper.

    Thats $260 already

    Antec P182 $149
    Doesnt come with PSU, but its mega quiet gives good air flow and space for HDD

    Antec Triopower $79.99
    Mainly for the 120mm fan for more quiet but also solid PSU and all you need.

    ~$497 I would also suggest a cooler for the CPU bigger than the stock. Arctic freezer is good at 92mm fan make it more quiet. At ~25 doesnt put you too over budget without HDD

    With your suggestion even with a ~50 GPU and ~50 RAM your already over budget.
  4. I can just stick in an old PCI vid card (I've got a number of them around) so I'd rather have the extra couple SATA ports and a few extra PCIe slots. I do think I'll switch to that e2140, didn't realize it was a Core Duo offshoot, good enough.

    So any particular reason to use that Antec Case/PSU vs the Sonata 3 one? The Sonata has an EarthWatts PSU which I believe is both quiet and efficient (and much cheaper).
  5. P182 will be quieter than the sonata and more hdd bays. The Trio i believe is more effecient and quieter than the Earthwatts. But the sonata3 is still a goer
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