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Hi there guys,
I'm not much of a PC guru so excuse my query if it's too dumb.
I bought a configuration about a week ago (CPU E6300) and after installing the mother board (MSI S775 945P NEO3-F) and everything else I ran the core centre program where one can click "Auto"to start testing the maximum CPU overclocking value."The CPU FSB will automatically increase the testing value until the PC reboots." Well it didn't reboot, I had to start the machine manually and I'm worried whether I damaged the CPU or not. Thanks for any answers in advance......Frank
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  1. I have P865PE with P4 2.5 GHz. I brought the mobo 5 years ago because I heard about the Core Center. At that time there was not much of the overclocking software and chip like this one. The first version contains several bugs and freak me out when I try it so I gave up and uninstall it. The MSI P865 mobo itself has a couple of unexplained symptoms that I still see in the second MSI P965 that I have (without Core Center installed). I believe the Taiwanese merely ignore the problems, don't know they pass the problems on to their next generation mobos or not.

    For you case, I believe your cpu may suffer some damaged from overheating that might shorten the cpu life. Chance is if that Core Center didn't increase the cpu voltage, your cpu will be less damaged. Search for professional opinion on overheated cpu.
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