How much should I sell this pc for?

I really need to sell this pc and need some advice since ive never sold one before. I was thinking 400? Or should I part it out?

Full Specs:
GPU- Diamond ATI Radeon 6770
CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2ghz
Hard Drive- Western Digital 500 GB Sata 3.0gb/s
RAM- 8 GB Kingston DDR3
Power Supply- Diablotek 500 watt
Motherboard- Biostar A780L3G
OS- Windows 7 64bit Home Edition
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  1. I'm sorry to say this and it is really my own personal opinion backed with no evidence. I was looking over the specs and wondering, how much I would pay for that PC.

    First I don't much like the AMD CPUs from the last few years, so that was a negative. Then the graphics card is a generation old. I'm not familiar with the power supply manufacturer, so that makes me a little uncomfortable.

    You don't say if you will sell the PC with install disks for the OS. That would change the price by some amount if I know the software is legit.

    But even so, I don't know that I would even be interested if the price is much over $200-250.

    I'm sorry, I may be lowballing it, but that's where I'm at. Admittedly I'm not in the market for a used PC since I like to build new ones, so I may be way off base here. Good luck thought. Hope it works out for you.
  2. I forgot to tell you what I do to sell my PCs when I need to get rid of them. I think of a price ($400 in your case). Then I list it on Craigslist for that price plus $20 or so. Every week if I don't get a response, I drop the price by $20 when I resubmit the ad.

    My last old laptop I sold almost 3 years ago now, I started at $180 and finally sold it for $120. As my Dad says, it is worth what someone else will pay for it, not what I think it is worth.
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