Should I use Gigabyte Easy Tune 5 Pro?

Hello - I am new to overclocking.

I have a Gigabyte motherboard and a copy of Gigabyte “Easy Tune 5 Pro”. This has lots of funky options such as a “CPU Intelligent Accelerator “ and a “Memory Intelligent Booster”.

Is it a good idea to use this utility (if so what are some good settings) or should I just make changes to the BIOS manually?

My system is:

Gigabyte GA-956P-S3 (revision 2)
Core 2 Duo 6300
2 GB memory (2 x PC6400 DDR2 800 1GB)
550w TruePower PSU
Windows XP

Thank you.
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  1. hey man thanks, i on that as we speak
  2. Use the BIOS

    Much better
    Software overvolts too much without u knowing leading to future problems and higher power use
  3. I agree all windows based OCing progs are garbage and can do more damage then good! here is my OC on the new gigabyte EP45 w/E8500 100% stable! 24/7
  4. Use the BIOS. Easy Tune is worth less than what yoy paid for it.
  5. use the BIOS then if you're a power saving freak change the settings so its stock or slower at idle and your bios oc when under load..
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