Motherboard processor Load plate appears bent

I'm building my first computer and was getting ready to install the processor but....

The load plate for the processor appears slightly bent (concave as I look down on it). Thus, once the processor is dropped into place and the load plate is placed back down it does not sit flush with the processor, instead the middle portion of the load plate is in contact with the processor surface while the front end of the load plate sits above the surface of the processor by about 2mm. Hence, to close the load plate will require considerable force on the CPU socket lever, which socket lever, before applying force, stands completely upright, exactly perpendicular to the load plate. So to close the load plate, I must begin applying force to the CPU socket lever starting in that perpendicular position because the load plate must be forced down to close that 2mm gap between the load plate and the processor at the front.

Is this normal/intentional? I don't want to destroy a $250 CPU. It doesn't seem right unless you need to apply lots of torque to the processor in order for good contact. Can anyone please advise? I don't know if I'm being overly cautious, but all the books say you shouldn't apply force to the processor. It's hard to believe Gigabyte would mess up on such a simple and critical piece of hardware. Is it supposed to be slightly concave so that there is considerable force used in closing the socket lever?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. Pics would be a great add to your post, I know im not super familiar with the socket, also assuming that its LGA 775 socket, but its hard to tell exaclty what you are seeing that does not look right, or maybe you could look at other pics to see if it looks the same.
  2. Don't have a camera handy. It's a 775 socket for the Core 2 duo. Its difficult, but I think my above description is accurate. The bottom line is, is it normal to apply lots of pressure/force to the socket lever in order to close it down?
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