Installing my X-Fi extreme gamer sound card, help : (

i have this PC p;_UserReference=42C93F0F46EB294C75163573F76046BFA2FC

And I have both of my PCI slots full with my GPU and a 15 in 1 media card, can my motherboard run a my new sound card or should i take out the 15 in 1 media sound card? Im very confused. could you help me? can i run my X-fi sound card?

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  1. 15 in 1 media card in the pci slot?
    and what hp system do you have the page does not say?
  2. I don't really understand your setup. You can only run the sound card if you have a pci slot to put it in. Most mobo will come with more then 2 slots though. I do not understand the 15 in 1 media sound card part, is it a media card or a sound card?? If you have an open(unused) pci slot, or plan on removing something to open a pci slot then you can get the xtreme gamer in your pc. rember, put it in the slot farthest away from your video card.
  3. This is my set-up, i only have 2 PCI slots y=5016&_UserReference=42C93F0F46EB294C75163573F76046BFA2FC
  4. I saw this on the page you linked.

    Expansion Slots 2 PCI slots (occupied), 1 PCI Express x16 Slot (occupied), 1 PCI-E x1 slot (occupied)

    You'll need to take something out of one of the PCI slots (the white ones) to replace it with your X-FI card, it says that the system comes with a 56k dial-up modem, do you need this? If not, just pull it out and replace it with the X-FI.
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