Need a BIOS! Asus YNRC-BR

Hi...I need to get a BIOS for Asus YNRC-BR (Magnetite GL8E).

I cannot simply download the one from the HP website - it won't install :/ it is designed to run on Vista 32 and I am using win 7 (or XP).

So I need a BIOS that I can flash (not the HP .exe files) if anybody has one ?
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  1. That MB is an OEM product, so HP is your only source of a BIOS update.

    However, if you are willing to take a chance you can find modded BIOS updates with DOS installers. Just search. . .
  2. Could only find one...which was an unpacked HP sp35107.exe

    Where do you suggest I get a BIOS for Asus YNRC-BR - can't get a modded one anywhere :/
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