OC on AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0GHz

I am currently OC'd to 2.4 GHz on this thing and it is running 35*C at the highest so far, am I missing something here, because I haven't seen anyone else OC these with these kind of results without water cooling.
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  1. is that 35c under a load? or idle?

    I have my 3700+ oc'd to 2.75ghz and it idles at 33c, and never gets above 50c under a heavy load, and im on the stock cooler.
  2. Load hasn't past 37. Should I be able to OC a little more?
  3. yo see, it is a single core, not a dualcore, most people with them results are dualcore peopels.
  4. i have an AMD 3700+ @ 2.71 and idle is 32, full lod is 44,never seen it get to 45 on stock cooler which is friggen awsum, only changed the volts from 1.35-1.375.
  5. Why and/or when should I change the volts? And shouldn't I be able to OC it more?
  6. Anybody? Please help!!! I understand that some of the things I may ask are stupid questions to most of you, but everyone starts somewhere, please help me out.
  7. You might be able to get a bit more out of it, but if you find that its not stable at higher speeds default back to the last speed you thought was stable, and be VERY careful with the voltages, you really dont want to mess with them, they may make it more stable at higher speeds but also make it alot hotter than simply raising the clock
  8. You guys got 2.7+ with a vcore that low? Nuts. I can't get mine stable @2.7 with anything less than like 1.55-1.6V :P

    Oh yea, and she gets pretty toasty at those voltages.
  9. What you are doing... sir... is illegal :non:

  10. Nice, I had a 3200+ at 2.4ghz too, but I had to underclock the RAM a bit, but after the overclock it ended up being 398mhz instead of 400. :P

    I had my PC right next to an AC vent in the basement, so the temps even at 2.4ghz were about 27 idle, and 38 full load. I was amazed how cool it kept.
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